2020 Texas Gladiators

2020 Texas Gladiators Title

For this review, I’m going to be taking a look at another piece of fine Italian Cinema called “Anno 2020 – I gladiatori del futuro” aka 2020 Texas Gladiators. Gladiators is directed by Joe D’Amato (who also directed a previous movie of the week, Endgame) and stars Al Cliver (Endgame) Daniel Stephen (he was in an episode of The Chapelle Show) and Donald O’Brien (Zombi Holocaust aka Doctor Butcher M.D.) as “Black One”

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Class of Nuke ‘Em High

Class of Nuke’Em High Title
Our movie of the week for March 30th is Class of Nuke ‘Em High (1986) directed by Richard W. Haines. Starring Janelle Brady (Teen Wolf Too) as Chrissy, Gil Brenton as Warren, and Robert Prichard (The Toxic Avenger) as Spike. Tromaville High School is less then a mile away from a nuclear power plant. One of the students at Nuke ‘Em High freaks out and jumps out of a window after drinking out of a water fountain contaminated by radioactive sludge from the nuclear power plant. The honors society has become a bunch of “Cretins” wreaking havoc on the other students, forcing them to purchase their over priced toxic narcotics guaranteed to give them an atomic high. Continue reading “Class of Nuke ‘Em High”

Duel to the Death

Duel to the Death

I first heard about Xian si jue (aka Duel to the Death) when I was watching a video montage of martial arts battles. Seeing the over the top supernatural battles on that video – I knew I had to find this movie and watch the whole thing. The story is quite simple. You have two warriors – one from China, Ching Wan a master of some Shaolin martial arts style, and Kada Hashimot a master swordsman from Japan. For centuries China and Japan would have their best warriors fight in a “Duel to the Death” every ten years. Ching Wan begins to have second thoughts about the duel. While he’s contemplating going through with the battle, Japan sends in a ninja regiment to steal Chinese secrets and to throw the battle. In the end Ching and Kada duel in a literarly earth shattering battle. Continue reading “Duel to the Death”

DeathStalker II

Deathstalker II title

DeathStalker II (1987) is an action/adventure comedy from the mind of Jim Wynorski, who was also the helm of the previously reviewed Chopping Mall. Deathstalker II is set in a fantasy world and it has a similar feeling to movies like Conan or The Beastmaster, but in the cheesy dimension instead of the serious. John Terlesky (Chopping Mall) stars as the title character, “Deathstalker” who is a thief that specializes in the wealth distribution witness – which is he takes from the rich and keeps it. While Deathstalker is engaged in exploits of his own, runs across Reena the Seer – played by Monique Gabrielle (Bachelor Party). Reena tells Deathstalker that his destiny is to save a princess in a faraway land from an evil sorcerer and master swordsman. Deathstalker takes the mission, looking forward to the huge reward waiting for him at the end. Continue reading “DeathStalker II”