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DeathStalker II (1987) is an action/adventure comedy from the mind of Jim Wynorski, who was also the helm of the previously reviewed Chopping Mall. Deathstalker II is set in a fantasy world and it has a similar feeling to movies like Conan or The Beastmaster, but in the cheesy dimension instead of the serious. John Terlesky (Chopping Mall) stars as the title character, “Deathstalker” who is a thief that specializes in the wealth distribution witness – which is he takes from the rich and keeps it. While Deathstalker is engaged in exploits of his own, runs across Reena the Seer – played by Monique Gabrielle (Bachelor Party). Reena tells Deathstalker that his destiny is to save a princess in a faraway land from an evil sorcerer and master swordsman. Deathstalker takes the mission, looking forward to the huge reward waiting for him at the end.

I’ll say this right off the bat – this movie is acted poorly, and filmed poorly. Wynorski let’s you know this right from the start with the intro of the movie. That’s also what makes it so good. The lines are given so wooden and the action is so ridiculous that you know you’re going to be in for a ride. You can tell watching this whole thing that none of the actors are taking this ridiculous thing too seriously, and that helps out a lot. They know the effects aren’t good, they know that most of these people can’t act. Everything get’s thrown together in a big pot, and we just get to have fun with it.

John Terlesky puts on a great performance as Deathstalker, always over the top, but still acting well enough to almost carry the movie. Monique Gabrielle, on the other hand is so bad, you can tell she was cast as the T & A to keep you watching – and there’s plenty of T & A to keep you going. The combination works out well, and this is a great movie to sit around with your friends and watch and make fun of and still be entertained. The DVD version contains a great directors commentary with both Wynorski and Terlesky that is hilarious. Unfortunately, the DVD is out of production and can be pretty expensive to pick up, but I’d recommend it if you’re into awful action comedies. If swords and sorcerers movies are your thing, Deathstalker II should be on your list.


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