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For This week’s “Movie of the Week” pick, we watched the 1985 movie written and directed by Larry Cohen, “The Stuff“, with the bigger named actors being Paul Sorvino, Garrett Morris, and Danny Aiello. It also starred some kid that ended up being in a couple episodes of “Who’s the Boss” and little else.

Sean: I had heard around the horn that this was one of the 10 worst movies ever made, and I have to disagree with that. While it isn’t the best movie I’ve seen, or even the best movie I’ve seen in the the whole “bad movie” genre, the movie as a whole isn’t that bad. It revolves around the premise that some stuff that resembles ice cream (it’s just white shit bubbling up on the ground in the beginning of the movie) gets marketed so well to the American public that they become addicted to it, and then it takes over! There’s an underlying message throughout the movie that tells you “don’t trust what you eat!” and The kid in the movie goes nutso early on, busting up the supermarket, and bashing out grocery fridges trying to destroy this stuff.

Raz: Man finds shit, man eats shit, man sells shit and then becomes shit. I don’t know about you but if I see something bubbling up out of the ground I am not going to eat it. Even if it is a smooth and creamy delight which spews forth from the bowels of the Earth. This is one of those classic movies I remember watching when I was younger. It brings back memories of bad movie Saturdays. Although the movie is full of plot holes this movie will have you cracking up.

Sean: Yeah, I don’t know that I’d have enough faith that some crap that I saw bubbling out of the ground was to eat. The movie was really choppy and hard to follow. I found myself saying WTF to a lot of the stuff that was happening, like when poor old Chocolate Chip Charlie meets “Mo Rutherford”, some crap private eye, who’s pickup line is “They call me Mo, because everytime they give me somethin’ I want mo” what? Too much didn’t make sense, but it’s a good flick to sit around and laugh about, because so much crazy shit happens and the special effects are pretty awful at times.

Raz:Mo is a pretty crazy guy… He kinda reminds me of a special ED FBI agent. M0 definitely rode the short bus when he was a kid, and he took driving lessons from Toonces the driving cat. I guess that is why they kicked him out of the bureau. If you have a phobia of marshmallow cream I would steer clear of this movie. Anyone else looking to watch a silly movie that will have laughing over and over again, this movie is for you.

Sean: I’d recommend it, if not just to get a few good laughs, because the whole thing is so ridiculous. “Are you eating it, or is it eating you?”

Charlie's ripping off one hellacious burp.Mo Rutherford, no relation to Lumpy RutherfordMo and good old Chocolate Chip CharlieOH MY GOD, WTF!?Oh noes! The stuff got him!The Stuff- It's alive!This poor dude got his face punched off.This stuff is pretty good!


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