1990 The Bronx Warriors

1990 The Bronx Warriors is a Sci-Fi, Action movie directed by Enzo G. Castellari.

In 1990 the Bronx is officially declared “No Man’s Land”. The authorities give up all attempts to restore law and order. From then on, the area is ruled by “The Riders”.

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The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2

We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming of reviews to bring you some news about an awesome webgame. The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2 are two games from Armor Games where you take the role of a zombie apocalypse survivor trying to survive 40 days in the wild.

The Last Stand keeps you behind a makeshift barricade fighting off a thrall of ever marching zombies during the night, and during the day, you’re scavenging for survivors or weapons to help you keep the plague back.

The newly released The Last Stand 2 has you doing all of those things, but also has you moving from barricade to barricade in the span of 40 days to make your way to Union City for an escape. While graphically similar, each game is fun, tense, and action packed with zombies. They’re a must play for any game fan and especially any zombie fan!

Click the images below to choose your choice of either The Last Stand 1, or The Last Stand 2

Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (aka Plane Dead)

Flight of the Living Dead

On a flight to Paris, an experimental government cargo container filled with a body of a scientist infected with an unknown strain of malaria manifests itself into a zombie. Because of some careless security mixed with a massive storm/turbulence, the zombie gets out and claims a armed guard as it’s first victim. The zombie plague soon spreads throughout the plane, while the passengers are blissfully unaware.

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Hands of Steel

Well, I’m back. Yep, I’m back from my trip. Did you hear about my trip? I built a time machine that took me to the future. Boy, the future sure is rough. It was a dystopia where the environment was in some rough shape. People were living on the streets, and there were dryer vents randomly scattered everywhere making connections to nowhere, from doors to windows, from interior walls to ceilings. Shit, I even saw those dryer vents on top of cars for some reason that I never really did figure out. Fashion and cars were a lot like they were back in 1986, and the only way I could really tell it was the future was because I saw some people wearing these cool watches with calculators on their wrists, which were pretty impressive.

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