Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (aka Plane Dead)

Flight of the Living Dead

On a flight to Paris, an experimental government cargo container filled with a body of a scientist infected with an unknown strain of malaria manifests itself into a zombie. Because of some careless security mixed with a massive storm/turbulence, the zombie gets out and claims a armed guard as it’s first victim. The zombie plague soon spreads throughout the plane, while the passengers are blissfully unaware.

The passengers consist of the stupid surfer douches (who surfs in Paris?), a criminal on extradition to France for being a pederast, a famous golfer, a U.S. Marshal, and some government scientists responsible for transporting the zombie overseas. They take a page out of Lethal Weapon, because it’s the senior pilot’s last flight (and I think he’s getting too old for this shit!) The zombies start popping through bathroom mirrors, up from the floors and in the electrical systems overhead. Soon enough, the whole plane is taken over, and it’s a fight just to survive.

And Erick AvariFlight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (2007) is directed by Scott Thomas who is also responsible for gems such as “The Latin Dragon”, and scattered episodes of “One West Waikiki”. The film stars David Chisum (mostly known from his role as Miles Laurence on “One Life to Live”) and Kristen Kerr (Black Dalia Movie: The Elizabeth Short Story) amongst others. Character actors Raymond J. Barry and Erick Avari round out the cast.

Sean: Alright, well this whole concept sounds eerily familiar to “Snakes on a Plane” and that’s because it’s almost a complete rip off. It’s a similar idea, the plane layout is almost identical, and the characters match pretty closely to SNOAP. The effects in this one are better, however, both stories are pretty weak. But really… who’s watching either of these for a story? I know I’m watching to see some zombies tear into some bitches. There’s even a whole scene where they pile up baggage as a blockade to keep the undead out. We all know how well that worked out in Snakes on a Plane…

Where\'d this guy come from?Raz: Zombies on a plane = you are fucked. Where the fuck are you going to go if your flight gets infested with zombies. I would almost rather gamble with trying to survive a free fall with out a parachute then tangle with a gaggle of zombies. At least it would be a big rush before I died instead of a bunch of painful bites with a slow death, followed by shambling around till I get my head blown off.

Sean: I don’t know about you, but if some crazy zombie bitches popped through a bathroom mirror and pulled in some dudes to start feasting on them, I’d be pretty prompt in closing the door and doing my best to hide my scrumptious ass. Also, at the start of the movie, the plane looks pretty deserted, and by the time of the full fledged zombie assault, there are hundreds on the plane. They must be like gremlins and multiply if you add water, or in this case, when you add blood.

Raz: I didn’t realize that they installed one way mirrors on airplanes. It would seem like a good way to make some extra cash by selling videos of people joining the mile high club to internet porn sites. Although the mirror of doom was quite scary I found the pit of zombies more frightening. Basically the zombies ripped threw the floor in the plane dragging their victims in to their doom. The worst victim of the pit of zombies had to of been the nun. This poor lady was attempting to save another person and gets yanked in. Fortunately before she get pulled fully into the abyss she gets saved, but loses her legs in the process.

Uhm... I guess I\'m not getting those pretzels I asked for, huh?Sean: Let’s face it, this movie probably isn’t going to achieve any classic status. The story is basically non-existent, and it’s more than likely just a cash in on the whole zombie craze as of late. But it’s got a few other things going for it. It’s entertaining, really fast moving in the second half, and there are a few good genuine scares. The whole thing is pretty fun overall, regardless of all the “yeah right” stuff that goes on throughout. I know the next time I see low priced transatlantic airfare, I’m gonna be a little wary…

Raz: Who needs a story when you have crazy fast paced zombie action. If you watched Snakes on a Plane I am sure that you will like this movie. They are basically the same movie. Replace the snakes with zombies and voilla you have Flight of the Living Dead. Unfortunately, Samuel Jackson is not in this movie but Erick Avari is.

Check below the break for a scene and pics from Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane!


3 thoughts on “Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (aka Plane Dead)”

  1. Well considering I loved SNOAP (not to be confused with SOAP) this one sounds like its right up my alley of cheese. Who needs a story line in B-style movies anyway?? B-movies are designed for entertainment value and boob shots; not story lines (I’ll save those for The Last Samurai.) Thanks for hooking me up with another great B wannabe!

    Petras last blog post..FIDO – He’s not a dog, he’s a Zombie

  2. This really is a fun movie. It’s just cheesy enough, and most of the effects are pretty good. I didn’t feel sorry for any of the characters when they changed over, and just about everyone is game for zombification.

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