They Live

Ever feel like you you are not in control of your life? Do you feel that you are a slave to the media, that you must “Conform”? They control you, but who are they and what do they want? Roddy Piper (John Nada) and Keith David (Frank) star in John Carpenter‘s They Live (1988). John Nada finds these special glasses that let him see how things really are in the world. The world is full of subliminal messages such as “Obey”, “Sleep”, “Marry and Reproduce”, and there are some strange beings living amongst us in disguise. All sorts of chaos ensues as John wanders the streets with his eyes wide open. With no where to run the only thing John has left to do is “Chew bubble gum and kick ass”… Unfortunately for them he is “all out of bubble gum”.

Raz: This movie is a cult classic, and I would highly recommend this movie. It has several things going for it. One, it has Rowdy Roddy Piper in it who is primarly known from his wrestling career. Two, it has Keith David in it who had several popular roles. You might know him from the narrating work he does for the army and navy commercials. The third reason is that it is written and directed by John Carpenter.

Sean: John Carpenter is the man. He had so many great movies in the 80’s and they all had their own unique message, and I loved the message from this one – don’t trust blindly, question authority, and everything isn’t always as it appears. It’s like the old “wolf in sheeps clothing” routine, these crazy zombie looking aliens hide behind their human facade to keep the regular people consuming, and two lone tough guys know what they have to do to stop them.

Raz: Cheesy catch phrases, Wrestle Mania like fight scenes, and plenty of shootings. There is a great scene where John and Frank get in to a big brawl. John is trying to show Frank how he sees the world with his cool shades and Frank doesn’t want anything to do with him. Of course they end up duking it out and Frank pulls out an atomic knee drop to the crotch not once, but several times. After they have battered each other for a while John gets the shades on to Frank and he sees the world for what it really is. Subliminal messages in all media and zombie faced aliens pretending to be us.

Sean: This is a great buddy movie, but also a great sci-fi movie, and those don’t come along every day. The action is great, as cheesy as it might come off. It’s all over the top, and Piper comes out smelling like roses. I’m really surprised he didn’t do much acting work after this movie, because this is some good work. Hell, even Duke Nukem ripped off Piper’s bubblegum line, that’s gotta tell you how friggin awesome this movie is.

Raz: Once again I would highly recommend watching this movie. You got Zombie aliens, corny fights, and Rowdy Roddy Piper; you cant go wrong. Perhaps we should take the moral of this story and apply it to our own lives. Yeah thats right, when you run out of bubble gum all you have left to do is to kick some ass! Tis’ quite a good moral…

Sean: This is one of those movies from the 80’s that everyone should see. Sure it’s corny, sure it’s cheesy, but it has a great message, and it’s one of John Carpenter’s best.


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