Mr. No Legs

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“The Cops want to get him. The Mob wants to hit him. But no one wants to meet him face to face.” – that’s the tag line for Ricou Browning‘s 1981 film”Mr. No Legs”, starring Richard Jaeckel (Delta Force 2), John Agar, and Lloyd Bochner.

Mr. No Legs is a legless enforcer that rides around in a bad ass wheelchair, equiped with side mounted shotguns that flip out of the armrests at the push of a button. Those shotguns have auto-aim too, so even though they point dead ahead, they can shoot dudes 3 feet off the ground with no problem. If the guns don’t stop you, his whirlwind stump-fu will really trip you up, fool.

He’s working for a drug distributor that hides cocaine inside of cigars. When one of the dealer’s girlfriends finds out that he’s selling drugs, she threatens to leave and accidentally bashes her head on a TV and dies. Bad news is her brother’s a cop, and when he gets wind of the situation, he could crack up the whole operation. When foul play is suspected in the girl’s murder, things lead back to Mr. No Legs and things start to get interesting.

Well, this is a first… I’ve never seen a movie with a double amputee action star, and unfortunately I don’t think many people were ready for it, because this was Ted Vollrath‘s only role, ever. He actually does a good job in this one too, as most of the acting and action is pretty solid. While this is a low budget movie, they do pretty well with what they’ve got, and the few special effects that they do throw in there, they do a decent job with. They do try to throw a few twists your way, which don’t make a lot of sense, but overall this one’s pretty easy to follow.

There’s a pretty decent car chase at the end which lasts a little long at about the last 20 minutes or so which could have been cut to about 5 minutes. It seems to be there just to fill space, so just for that I dropped half a star from the rating – but I had to add that half star back because of the awesome soundtrack brought to you by the “million record selling group MERCY!” (uhh, who?) exactly… They were just that good.


5 thoughts on “Mr. No Legs”

  1. If you like amputee movies check out “Master of the Flying Gullitine”! It’s an instant classic on the Internal Bleeding page.

  2. Actually, now that you mention it, I have seen that one, but I don’t think I’ve seen it all the way through. I’ll have to check it out again, but that’s definitely one for this page.

  3. Is the “Master of the Flying Gullitine” good? I’ve not seen much tv but would love to check that movie out. Thanks for the recommending it MonkeyFace =)

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