War of the Dead

Nazi zombies seek revenge on the soldiers that killed them in World War II. When WWII veterans start dropping dead from grenade attacks, special agent Kelly Conda hunts down the Nazi zombies that are the linked to these mysterious deaths. Camille Djokoto (Special Agent Kelly Conda) stars in “War of the Dead” directed by Sean Cisterna.

There is not much I can really say about this movie but it was very bad. The acting was horrible and it looked like it was filmed with a camcorder. This movie had the film quality of a porno movie. I was very disappointed when I got to the ending credits and there were no sex scenes at all. I think the only thing that could have redeemed this movie is if were actually a porno.

This movie starts out with a crappy fight scene between the heroine and a female vampire. Once again, the film quality is cheesy and the fight sequence looks very choppy and unrealistic with horrible choreography. And, the vampire chick had the potential to look hot, but the wardrobe designer failed miserably as she was dressed in a lame white T shirt and formless black pants. Where are the fishnets and spandex? Needles to say, Kelly gets the upper hand and kicks the vampire into a fountain which she freshly blessed and turned into holy water. Apparently this scene is used to establish the credibility of Kelly Conda as a warrior against the undead because the movie makes a hard left turn and focuses on Nazi zombies.

The story behind the Nazi zombies is that they are seeking revenge for their deaths in WWII. They spend their time hunting down the American soldiers, who must be in their 80s and 90s by now, who the zombies blame for their untimely deaths. These guys do not stand a fighting chance against the zombies, who, by the way, look remarkably well for being 80 or 90 year old corpses themselves. They find their first victim trying to solicit sex from a woman in a diner. He is forced to eat a grenade and ends up splattered all over the diner wall, along with the woman he was hitting on and other employees and patrons. From here on the zombies seek out the other veterans and then they blow them up using the same exploding grenade method. That is until Kelly Conda and her lame cop sidekick show up on the scene and try to stop the madness.

This movie is not the greatest. In fact, this movie is quite awful. The acting is pretty bad and I couldn’t help thinking that Camille Djokoto fell pretty flat as a lead actress. That is, until the surprise twist ending which wasn’t really surprising or much of a twist. The movie is somewhat silly but I would recommend utilizing the time it would take to watch this movie to do anything else. Save yourself, do not watch this movie.

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