The Beyond

Liza Merril (Catriona MacColl) inherits an old hotel and in the cellar lies the door to the beyond. Liza wants to restore it, but she is confronted with strange events in the process. Her painter falls off of his extension ladder when he witnesses a grim vision. The plumber gets his eyes smashed out and ends up in the care of Dr. John McCabe (David Warbeck) in the city morgue. Gruesome horrors lie past the gateway in “The Beyond” directed by Lucio Fulci.

Jenny: This movie reminds me of The Amityville Horror. You have a poor woman, Liza, who suddenly inherits a hotel from her deceased uncle. This is supposed to be her economic recovery. But wait, something is really, really wrong. Sixty years ago, a devil-worshipping warlock was attacked and murdered opening a gateway to hell… in the hotel’s basement. Things begin to go awry in the hotel when a plumber wades through three feet of putrid water and knocks a hole in a wall only to discover a corpse. Unfortunately, this corpse pokes his eyeball out. Then all hell breaks loose.

Raz: I found it very strange that Liza did not care that they found a very old corpse in the basement of her hotel, and she seemed calm when her workers started to drop dead. This must have been a normal occurrence in 1981. Hey buddy we found some corpses while we were pouring the foundation of your house. Don’t worry we buried them in your back yard upside down… Sorry, if I buy a house and they start pulling corpses out of the basement, I am finding a new house.

Jenny: Fortunately for Liza, their is a blind woman named Emily (Cinzia Monreale) randomly waiting in the road to befriend her. Her eyes are eerily glazed over with cataracts, but she is able to feel the evil around them in the hotel. She reveals to Liza that she must not go in room 36, which is the room the warlock lived before his murder. However, Liza of course ignores her plea to leave the hotel immediately. Meanwhile, at the hospital morgue, the corpse is causing all sorts of trouble. And, Liza’s friend Dr. McCabe is confused about Liza’s friend and the workers at the hotel because he has never heard of them. Clearly, things are not right in town.

Raz: Yes it was very disturbing, the city morgue was filling up with all of the dead bodies from Liza’s hotel. I guess they looked at it as job security. Dr. McCabe we got ten more bodies from the Liza hotel. Isn’t it a little strange that people keep dying over there? Maybe we should call the police, maybe Liza is a deranged killer. Dr. McCabe “Naw I will go check her out, I am sure there is nothing wrong with her or her hotel…” It is a plot hole but i guess there would not been much of a movie if people did not keep dropping dead.

Jenny: I think that this movie had a decent storyline, but I wish it would have fleshed it out a bit more. Instead, there was a major focus on really grotesque special effects, most involving the removal of eyeballs. And strangely enough, when someone died, they immediately began decomposing. Also, the movie took a weird twist towards the end that I did not love.

Raz: i thought the story was ok. It had some holes in it, but most movies do have plot holes of a sort. This movie was pretty gory, and I also feel that they played the eyeball card a bit too much. Are these zombies obsessed with popping out the eyeballs of the living? I liked the movie but the ending was a little lame.

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  1. you have to love how al cliver’s character just stands there and gets killed by glass coming at his face. last time i checked, glass doesn’t penetrate bone…

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