2019 – After the Fall of New York

If there’s anything we’ve learned from writing on this website, Italian cinema loves Snake Plissken and Escape from New York. They are also obsessed with the post apocalyptic era because I swear they made at least 5,792 films about it in the 80’s. 2019 – After the Fall of New York (aka Dopo la caduta di New York) is another one of those films that blends both the post apocalypse and Snake Plisken, with a little bit of Planet of the Apes, and The Road Warrior thrown in there too. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that director Sergio Martino and writer Ernesto Gastaldi were predicting the future with 2019, because it shares a main plot point with the 1992 novel by P.D. James “Children of Men” as well.

A EURAC soldier who\'s head is stuffed into a helmet2019 – After the Fall of New York concerns the story of the last fertile woman in the world after an apocalypse. The Euro-African alliance (AKA EURAC) was responsible in bombing New York, and the following take over of the city. Now the residents live in fear from EURAC troops and their hunter/killers that capture the remaining mutated population for medical experiments in which they try to figure out how they can repopulate the human race, as no human child has been born in the past 20 years.

Parsifal (played by Michael Sopkiw), a Snake Plissken wannabe/champion driver of cars that kill other drivers of cars in some sort of competition (how’s that for obtuse?) has been recruited by the Pan American Confederacy to find the above mentioned last fertile female who happens to be residing in the EURAC stronghold of New York City. The Pan American Confederacy used to rule North America, and they’ve promised Parsifal a ticket on their space ship that’s set for the nearby star of Alpha Centauri if he can bring them back the girl. He, along with Ratchet – the strongest man alive, and Bronx – who has the entire map of New York in his brain, along with a metal pincer hand, are on their way to save this girl.

Along their Journey they come across enemies and allies, including rabid killer black rats, the beautiful Giara (Valentine Monnier), the appropriately named Shorty (he’s a little person, you see) and Big Ape (played by my favorite Italian mainstay George Eastman). Those allies help find the professor and his daughter, who ultimately ends up being the last fertile woman on the planet. It becomes a fight against insurmountable odds, as getting into New York is easy, but the escape will be the hard part!

Is that Snake Pliskin or what?!?Sean: Woah, what a build up, eh? This one was really promising at the start. It has some space ships, a crazy old black guy playing the electric trumpet, and a guy who drives around cars in a sweet studded pair of jeans and matching jacket with chainmail sleeves. I can’t deny Parsifal’s sweet fashion sense, and if this is what it’s gonna look like after the bomb drops, count me in! Unfortunately, after all that build up, the end left me wanting more. It borrows so much from so many other films. Some of them off the top of my head are: The Road Warrior, Escape from New York, Planet of the Apes, The Terminator – and those are what I came up with without thinking about it very hard.

Raz: This movie did have quite an action packed beginning. You have hunter/killers on horseback exterminating the mutant blister face people. Then you have the demolition derby duel to the death. Unfortunately after the derby we are graced with the most annoying character in this movie. Squeely voiced robo-clown. What The FUCK… I did not understand a word that came out of that piece of shit. Parsifal is rewarded with a hot female slave for winning the derby, who has a nice rack by the way. Don’t get your hopes up we do not get graced with those luscious mounds.

Sean: The effects in this one were pretty laughable. Scabby faced mutants were a little stomach turning, and the death by rats scenes were great. One awesome scene that I enjoyed was when Big Ape throws his sword, and it cuts off the heads of at least 6 EURAC soldiers in one toss. It cleaves their heads from their shoulders without it’s course being altered at all. Great work right there. Kudos all around!

Big Ape and his throwing swordRaz: I would agree that the effects in this movie were quite hilarious along with the fighting choreography. I enjoyed the scene in which the EURAC were interrogating the claw hand map man and he gets up and pinches his interrogator’s eyes out. you think they would have restrained that guy or something? This movie is full of several silly situations like this.

Sean: As I said before, this movie started out with a lot of promise, and even over halfway through I was pretty into this movie, but something just happened in the last half hour that drug it out and killed the mood for me. I can’t place my finger on it. I think the main problem with that last half hour was that they tried to shoehorn too many twists into the story at that last second. If they would have cut back on a few of those, or incorporated them into the middle of the film, it might have turned out a lot different. I was also expecting a little bit on the boobage front, but I was disappointed that the only boobs you got to see were under plastic wrap near the end of the movie.

Raz: Overall I did enjoy this movie. It had it’s slow moments and it had a few annoying parts. I was also disappointed with the lack of boob shots but aside from that the movie is good for a laugh or two.

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  1. It is in english. You can tell some of the actors don’t speak english as they’re lips don’t match what they’re saying, but overall they do a pretty good job.

  2. I grew up watching the gawd awful karate movies that were dubbed in English. I hate to confess that I loved them. The mouths not matching up to the words was half the entertainment factor!

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