Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters


What do you get when you cross an Indonesian women’s wrestling movie, Troma Entertainment, and an action star who talks like Elvis? You get one of the funniest redubs in film history… Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters! FFFF is the story of Bambi, an exceptional Greco-roman wrestler on her way to the top. Unfortunately her brother has come down with a fatal case of dickosis, a made-up ailment where a buildup of semen goes straight to your brain. The only remedy is surgery, or oral release by a hooker. It’s a shame, but I guess there aren’t any 10 year old prostitutes in the Philippines… I had heard differently!

WrestleAlong comes Nathan, a trophy shop owner who is ready to help Bambi get the money she needs for her brother’s surgery. But being a trophy model is an unthinkable career, and Bambi not-so-politely declines all of Nathan’s advances. On the way home from an event, Bambi and her best friend Mia get in a little tussle and are aided by karate master and Elvis impersonator Barney. He is also a professional wrestling coach, and after a little persuasion he talks the 2 girls into joining an underground tag-team wrestling federation. As you can imagine a love story begins brewing between Bambi and Barney (who doesn’t love an Elvis impersonator). They are well on their way to making enough money for the surgery… but there is trouble brewing around every corner!

Barney 1This is by far my favorite Troma movie, even if it is just a redub. I caught this flick on Cinemax in the late 80’s and it took me about 12 years before I could find the movie on VHS. There is some great action throughout including the female wrestling and some pretty good kung-fu scenes. But the real treat here is the comedy. Even though the words might not match up with the lips, the story Troma added to the scenes is just priceless! You get an Elvis impersonator, a talking snake from the ghetto, a girl who hums some of her scenes and a guy nicknamed Monkeyface… what is not to like!!! If you love Troma films, or really any kind of mindless comedy you need to check this film out. I have 2 words for you – Tuna Melt!

Barney 2



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