In the year 1992 after a nuclear war has devastated most of the United States. Dr. Paul Dean (Robert Glaudini) develops a leech-like parasite that grows to large portions after it consumes the blood of its host. Paul flees to the desert when the government storms his lab to collect the parasites to use for their own purposes. He is pursued by “Wolf” (James Davidson) the “merchant” employed by the government to retrieve the last of the parasites. Paul carries one of the last parasites in a canister and the other inside of his stomach. He seeks refuge in small desert town populated by scavengers who constantly threaten his work. While most of the scavengers seek to rob him blind one woman Patrica Wells (Demi Moore) finds an interest in Paul and helps him to destroy the parasites before they multiply and devour the Earth’s remaining population. Written by Matthew Patay and directed by Charles Band.

Raz: This movie kind of starts out strange. Something about how the beginning sequence was filmed kind of weirded me out. The colors were strange and the movements were slow and jagged. I guess the movie is 3D but we tried a pair of 3D specs and the movie did not seem to jump out at me. The only real thing it did was creep me out. Well in the beginning at least.

Sean: I have to agree, the movie did start out a little strange. It’s another one of those that you watch that if you miss any little detail in the first few minutes you’ll have no idea what’s going on for a while. I thought the 3D aspect was cool, and you could tell that they tried to put a lot of 3D stuff in it, especially in the beginning, but we could see anything with our scratched up 3D glasses, which is a bit of a shame. Because of the 3D effect, it did kind of mute some colors, but it also gave it a pretty unique color palette, which was cool

Raz: In the 1990s government agents will drive Lamborghini sports cars and will be packing lasers the size of a pen that can blow your hand off in one shot. Silver will be the best form of currency and the majority of the population in the United States is ether dead or permanently disfigured. I guess I must have missed this time period in my life. Nothing this exciting ever happens in Michigan.

Sean: You don’t see too many Lamborghini Countach’s driving around this part of the state. The car was definitely a loaner, because they never really opened it up on the dirt roads, but they were sure to open the doors a lot. What’s up with silver being currency anyhow? Isn’t gold a lot more available and worth more? Don’t get me wrong, I’m more of a silver dude myself, but seriously… no gold?

Raz: There really was not much to the story of this movie. Guy gets “parasite”. Guy experiments and infects women, and men… with said parasite. Guy meets cute girl, the kind you can bring home to mom, and seeks to cure the parasite. Demi Moore is very cute in this movie but you can tell that this is one of her first roles. It is fun to watch the crap roles huge stars play before they hit it big. Aside for getting slow in some parts I did like this movie.

Sean: I was really surprised when I found out that Demi Moore was in this one. You can tell she was pretty young, but the khaki shorts she wore weren’t all that flattering to her. I think I enjoyed this one a lot more than you did. It just had something about it that drew me to it. This is one that I would definitely recommend for any Sci-Fi or Horror fan. It takes a few obvious pages from the ALIEN book, but it still manages to put it’s own twist on it and make it seem original. I also enjoyed the fact that it’s about more than just the conflict with the parasite, but also the whole conflict with the other people in the small town, and the local gang of hoodlums. Plus there’s the whole government/corporation conspiracy, so I’m in. Again, I couldn’t recommend this one enough.


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