The Devil’s Sword

Take one part Excalibur, throw in some Krull, a few scenes of Caligola, a touch of Dawn of the Dead, the choreography of Kung Fu Hustle, about 30 seconds of The Blue Lagoon, and you have our movie of the week… Golok setan, aka The Devil’s Sword! Director Ratno Timoer takes us for a wild ride in this sci-fi chopsocky fantasy from 1984, filled with swords, kung-fu masters, blood, sex, violence and men dressed like alligators.  The best part is our old friend Barry Prima from Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters is back to kick some more ass!

The Devil’s Sword follows a quest to find an ancient sword that was forged from a mysterious metallic substance that fell to earth in the form of a meteorite.  An old man who finds the meteorite creates the Devil’s Sword, and he hides it after it burns down his hut.  Whoever wields the sword holds the greatest power imaginable in his hands.  Banujaga is sent by the Alligator Queen to steal the fiance of a local village’s princess to keep as her own subject.  During the raid on the village Mandala – a one time colleague of Banujaga – sees the scuffle and helps defend the village, and ends up helping the princess recover her husband to be.  Mandala recovers the Devil’s Sword, but will it ultimately be enough to defeat the Alligator Queen and Banujaga?

The Alligator Queen and other lovely ladiesMonkeyface: Was that really what the movie was about?  I could have swore this was the adventure of a perverted Queen on a quest to beat Wilt Chamberlain’s record for sex partners. I was really excited to see this movie since I am a proud member of the Barry Prima Fan Club (founding and only member). I was a little disappointed when I found out he didn’t talk like Elvis, but his karate moves are still off the hook. I’ve been reading up on him more and I guess he is still making movies and is a huge star in Indonesia. I’m hoping we can find a few more of his flicks to review!

Sean: I don’t think finding more will be hard.  So far this guy is the Jack Nicholson of Indonesia, except he can do karate and shit.  This movie had some unique names, The two main characters – Googoo Gaga, (Nelson) Mandala, (Livin’ La) Vidaloca and Sanjaya just to name a few.  It was pretty non-stop action.  From the opening guts getting ripped out to the wrecking of the rock monster, it was always busy.

Monkeyface: Rock monster?  That looked more like a shit monster!  It was amusing and terrifying all at the same time.   What is not to like about this movie, it fits into just about every b-movie category you can imagine. There is martial arts galore, flesh eating zombie people, a mythical sword which glows, an alligator queen who has sex with every guy in the movie, and my favorite part… a guy who flies on a rock! We could literally review this movie for every week of our theme weeks in July.

Surf\'s up, Dood!Sean: The dude that was flying on the rock was fucking amazing.  He busted out of of some stone, and did a weak little kick on this rock, and it just floated down the mountain while he jumped on it and rode it that sucker down! YEE HAW, it was like the rodeo!  Once he got down there, he just busted ass and wiped out an entire village, complete with beheadings.  His name… was Googoo Gaga – or at least that’s what it sounded like.  He was such a bad ass, he flung a guy up in to the air, and then pinned him to a tree with a spear through his belly that he kicked at up at him.   This film is really opening my eyes to the diamonds in the rough that is Indonesian Cinema.

Monkeyface: Who knew that you could saw through a man’s leg with a hot sword; or that the only way to kill a kung-fu witch is to trap her decapitated head behind boulders?  Fantasy, humor, action, education… it all adds up to entertainment in my book! From the opening scene you will be confused, amazed and rolling with laughter all at the same time.  I can’t wait to watch this film again!

Sean: It goes without saying that this one was pretty out there, especially for an action/martial arts film, but it was really entertaining.  It’s a fun trip through a lot of different genres, and between alligator men, super beings from days gone by, or bloody decapitations, it keeps you on your toes.  We had a great time watching this one, and it’s got a lot of those “Oh Shit” moments that keep us watching more and more of these films.  Oh, and by the way… If you watch this movie and think your cell phone is going off, it’s just the music in the movie.

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  1. I’ll have to check this out. Perhaps I will sign up for your Barry Prima fan club. With movie titles like Indonesian “Revenge of the Ninja” (IMDB note: Does not contain any actual ninjas), “The Warrior and the Ninja”, “No Time to Die”, and the enigmatic “Ghost with Hole”, I must say I am intrigued.

    Lurples last blog post..Minimoni: The Great Cake Adventure

  2. This movie rocks!!! I watched it with a couple of friends and a few alcoholic beverages. There were requests to rewind a couple parts to make sure that we had not had too many…the line was “I’m not the only one who saw that am I?” I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys cheesy B-movies.

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