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If you’re a regular visitor, you may have noticed that we haven’t had any new posts since we finished our theme weeks of July with our review of Diary of the Dead.  Well, there’s a reason for that.  No, we weren’t attacked by zombies (yet) but we’re gearing up for our first ever INTERNALBLEEDING.NET GIVEAWAY!  We don’t want to reveal the prize just yet, but we’re pretty sure that it’s something that you horror and zombie fans will find pretty cool.  We’re mustering up all of our ability so that we can formally announce it in the next few days.  Our best writers are working on putting something together that will look a little bit better than a 5th grade book report (a 6th grade book report should look better, right?)

In the meantime, we’re going to get back to our regularly scheduled program of reviews, but keep watching this space for the formal announcement.

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Diary of the Dead

George A. Romero showed us the first of a growing zombie invasion in Night of the Living Dead.  Ten years later, he brought us Dawn of the Dead, a zombie movie in a mall, with an underlying message of even after death, consumerism rules all.  Seven years after Dawn, Romero followed up with the social commentary of Day of the Dead, and 20 years later he showed us the struggles of one of the last remaining strongholds of human civilization – where zombies are evolving and might eventually replace humans as the inheritors of the earthin Land of the Dead.  This time, Mr. Romero brings us a prequel of sorts.  It assumed that it takes place during the events that take place during Night of the Living Dead, as the zombie revolution is just taking place.  We thought that this would be the perfect place to finish our themed “Zombie Week 2008” with the most recent chapter in the “dead” series… Diary of the Dead

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Land of the Dead

In this installment of the Zombie films, zombies have taken over most of the world and the number of living humans is dwindling. Society has adapted to this change and a great number of people reside in Fiddler’s Green one of the few remaining cities not populated by zombies. Kaufman (Dennis Hopper) the founder of this great city has separated the people into two classes. The upper class living fancy lives, and the lower class left to fend for themselves on the streets. Supplies are brought into the town by a team of mercenaries lead by Riley (Simon Baker) and Cholo (John Leguizamo). Cholo does all of Kaufman’s dirty work in hopes to gain a nice home in Fiddler’s Green, but Kaufman decides to have him killed of instead. Severely pissed off from being double crossed Cholo steals the Dead Reckoning – a seriously modified truck armed to the gills, and threatens to blow up the city. Since Riley designed the Dead Reckoning, Kaufman recruits him to get it back. Meanwhile the zombies decide to attack the city and they have learned to use various tools along the way. Will Riley get the Dead Reckoning back in time to save Fiddler’s Green, or will Cholo blow the city to hell and let the zombies devour the citizens of Fiddler’s green?

Written and directed by: George A. Romero

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Day of the Dead (1985)

Ever since I saw my first zombie film, I was intrigued.  I remember starting chronologically through the “Dead” series, starting with Night, moving on to Dawn and then to Day of the Dead.  When I first saw them, they always scared me.  It was the type of fear that made me check behind the shower curtain when I took a shit, look under my bed before I went to sleep, and look over my shoulder whenever I walked through my neighborhood in the dark.  After I got over that initial fright (not so initial, as it stuck with me for years), I started to watch these films with a lot more appreciation.  I could eventually see past the horror of it all and focus in on the social dynamics and commentary of each film.  So with that being said, in continuation of Zombie Week 2008, today I’ll be reviewing George A. Romero‘s 1985 follow up to Dawn of the Dead – Day of the Dead.

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