Code of Silence

Code of Silence

How about a little “Chuck Norris: did you know” to start off this review… Did you know that Geico saved 15% by switching to Chuck Norris?  Did you know that Chuck Norris goes to bed with morning wood?  Did you know that Chuck Norris rips his USB drive out of the port without clicking “safely remove hardware” because he feels such precautions are unmanly?  Well if you knew all of those things then you probably knew that Chuck Norris made a film in 1985 called Code of Silence.  Aren’t you just so SMRT!

Don\'t fuck with Chuck!Code of Silence is about Eddie Cusack, who is a good Chicago cop stuck in a bad drug war.  Cusack is the best at what he does, and always goes by the books.  During a routine sting operation Cusack and his task force are blind-sided by a gang who I can only figure are Italian (The Luna’s).  The Italians crash a drug swap between The Comacho’s and an undercover cop.  During the fray a few Comacho’s and the undercover cop are killed while The Luna’s make off with the cash and drugs.  The Comacho drug lord Luis calls for a series of hits on Tony Luna, his associates and his family.  While trying to find Luna (who has skipped town) Cusack comes across his daughter Diana, played by Molly Hagan.  Diana doesn’t want anything to do with her father, or the cops for that matter.  But she soon realizes that “you don’t fuck with Chuck!”

Cusack does all he can to protect Diana, but even he is no match for the entire Comacho gang.  Unfortunately Eddie has pissed off the rest of his strike team by turning on a cop that he knows is crooked.  So where do you turn when the rest of the cops are pissed at you?  You steal a new automated police wrecking crew robot, The Prowler!  Cuscak uses The Prowler to help take down The Comacho’s, get the girl back, and overall just kick some gang ass!

I can barely see that remote!While I enjoyed Code of Silence for a few good action scenes, I just didn’t get the feeling that Chuck was as big of a bad ass as he could have been in this movie.  He throws a few nice kicks here and there, but the majority of the carnage didn’t come until the end when he busted out The Prowler.  For being a 20 year old movie I have to say that The Prowler itself was pretty cool, but when the unit said it can be operated by “this lightweight hand-held control unit” I just had to LOL!  There is nothing lightweight about it.  It does wreck some shit at the end though, so A+ for The Prowler.

One thing I did notice about this movie is that it had a lot of the same actors as Above the Law.  When I looked it up I found that both movies were directed by Andrew Davis.  Comparatively though, Code of Silence doesn’t even come close to the classic that is Above the Law, even though Chuck is way cooler than Steven Seagal.  if you happen to catch this one on cable late at night make sure you at least watch the last 25 minutes for the cheesy car chase and The Prowler!


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  1. Isn’t this the movie where Chuck says “If I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you”? That’s about the only thing I remember about it. Good line, though.

    Lurples last blog post..Deadly Prey

  2. Lurple, you are dead on! That was definitely the best line in the movie. It’s right before the bar fight scene where he kicks the hell out of about 20 guys, then is pummeled by another 20 after taking a cue ball to the melon! LOL

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