Rawhead Rex

Written by: Clive Barker Directed by: George Pavlou

In a small town in Ireland sleeps the nastiest ape looking demon in the world. RAWHEAD REX!!! After a local farmer accidentally disturbs Rex’s eternal resting place, Rex wakes to reek havoc on this small town. Carnage is prevalent as Rex devours victim after victim. No man can defeat him, so who will stop Rex’s reign of terror?

I had seen this movie quite some time ago and I figured it would be a good candidate for “horror week”. When I originally saw this movie I was a lot younger, and I remember being a little scared of Rawhead Rex (Heinrich von Schellendorf). I was quite amused this time around, and not scared at all. This is your typical tale of greed, and being in the wrong place at the worst time possible. First off the farmer had the unfortunate luck of owning a good chunk of land that surrounded the resting place of Rawhead Rex. Realizing that he could better utilize his farm land he attempts to remove the giant stone pillar that covers Rex. Was it greed that caused his demise, or possibly stupidity? I definately would not have tried to remove a giant stone pillar with ancient runes scribed all over it from my land. What would he gain from it anyway? A few more stalks of corn, or whatever they grow in Ireland? Perhaps he would have still been alive if he could have lived with this ancient relic protruding from his land. Many would have been spared the wrath of Rawhead Rex if it was not for his greed.

Then you have Howard (David Dukes) and Elaine (Kelly Piper) Hallenbeck. Howard was traveling around Ireland to write about the various churches he came upon. He was intrigued by the church in the resting place of Rawhead Rex. This church has many elaborate stain glass windows depicting the battle with Rawhead Rex and it is very creepy. I can see why Howard wanted to learn more about this church. Unfortunately, this was not the place to be and they should have moved on. They may have never fallen pray to Rawhead Rex if they had went to Dublin when she wanted to go.

Then there is Rawhead Rex, gorilla demon extraordinaire. You can not blame him for doing what demons do. They have to eat too. It is not like humans are the perfect beings, we kill everything. At least Rex does not kill everyone, even he has some standards. The only meat on his menu is man flesh. Well, he does eat children as long as they are male,  but women and little girls are safe. He kinda is like the crab fishermen. They only take the male crabs and leave the females to reproduce, but they don’t take the young crabs though. Anyway, maybe Rex is around to thin the heard a little. It is not like there is a gaggle of Rawhead Rexes hunting humans to extinction. He is only one demon and he can only eat so much.

This movie is fairly decent, and overall I liked it. It may not be the scariest of movies but it is good for a laugh or two.

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3 thoughts on “Rawhead Rex”

  1. oh geez, how could I miss such a gem?? And you neglected to mention how “realistic” the ape like demon thingy looked! (hehehe… yehrite) I just love the cinematography of days of yore. I can’t wait to see this one!

  2. I think this is one of Clive Barker’s first movies, and I hear he’s pretty ashamed of it. Probably for good reason though.

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