Godfrey Hall is an interesting character.   He’s been known to shoot footage for one film and then end up cutting and pasting footage from other films in varying order to eventually make up 4 or 5 films.  Now that’s a cost effective way to make a film if you ask me.  Unfortunately, most of those movies made little to no sense at all.  Oh, and Godfrey Hall is also just one of the many pseudonyms for Godfrey Ho.  Luckily for us, one of his most recent films is also one of his best…  That film is 1994’s Undefeatable.

Cynthia Rothrock looking hot as ever.Undefeatable (aka Cui hua kuang mo) follows the story of of Kristi Jones (Cynthia Rothrock), a waitress who’s putting her sister through college by working as a waitress by day, and fighting in an underground fighting circuit on the mob’s payroll by night.  Her sister, a redhead who happens to constantly wear flower print dresses, doesn’t approve of the fighting, but let’s be honest… as long as she’s going to college, she couldn’t give a shit less.  Stingray (played by the super cool Don Niam) is also an underground fighter who fights in matches to the death.  Unfortunately, he has abandonment issues, and other violent tendencies caused by too many blows to the head (thankfully his curly mullet cushions most of the blow).  When his wife, Anna, leaves him after she refuses to give up the coochie, Stingray goes on a rampage and decides that anyone with red hair and a flower print dress on should be brutally tortured and have her eyes ripped out.  You can probably already see where this is going, so Kristi, along with Detective Nick DiMarco (John Miller) try to stop Stingray, the “Serial Killer”, before he kills countless other young girls.

Sean: Undefeatable…  First off, this movie is awesome.  It has enough fighting that it could have been covered during our ninja/martial arts week, but this is the perfect movie to start off action week.  It has everything you could ever want in an awesome movie; fights, a super short boob shot, bad acting – tied with my next point – Cynthia Rothrock… I mean what else could you want?

Monkeyface: What else could I want?  How about greasy, curly-ass, rockin’ mullets… and this movie has them!  I’ve always wanted a mullet but god didn’t bless me with the goods.  So maybe that’s why I live through Van Damme movies and other great action flicks like Undefeatable.  I’ve seen hundreds of action films which included street fights for money, but never have I seen those fights end when someone’s hand touches the ground.  And poor Stingray, he has some serious mommy issues throughout this movie.  He is just trying to find his wife but ironically every chick he runs into that looks like her just happens to be dating some kung-fu badass and he feels the need to show them up.  I think he is just misunderstood.

Raz: This movie is pretty good.  I love the characters, the horrible script, and the horrible acting.  When Nick DiMarco and his partner high fived over basketball tickets I died laughing.  I don’t think people do that enough anymore, and I’ll have to incorporate more high fives into my life.  For example:  I get home after a hard day in the office.  Me – “Honey, whats for dinner?”  Wife – “Well, burnt and raw pan fried steak.”  Me – “SHIT YEAH!”  Then we smack each other a high five.  Everyone should incorporate at least one high five a day into their daily life.

Sean: I have to say, my favorite part of this movie is just Stingray.  He does so many things that make me idolize him.  For instance, his wife is pan frying him a steak – he likes one side burnt and the other side raw, while his wife cries on the floor after he gives it to her rough after she refuses to give it up to him.  Then, when he becomes even more psycho, he takes red hair spray and paints these two sweet lines in his permed mullet.  I mean seriously, how cool is that?

The showdown

Monkeyface: Stingray was a laugh riot.  He’s your typical abusive husband who knows how to kick-ass and has been trained in a form of martial arts that no one has ever seen before.  Let’s face it, that’s the American Dream right there in a nutshell.  I have to say my favorite characters are the short lived brawler Bear and his girlfriend.  The best line by far is when the couple returns to their trailer and Bear asks his girlfriend for a Coke… and of course her answer is “in a minute, I need to use the can.”  That is just classy and sexy!

Raz: I totally liked Stingray’s mullet the best when he put skunk streaks in it with red spray paint.  That has to be one of the best mullets I’ve ever seen.  Not only was it long but it was poofy from being permed.  I defiantly think that he had an unfair fighting advantage, the guy has a hair helmet.  If I had a monster mullet like that I could probably ride my motorcycle with out a helmet.  I probably wouldn’t be able to find a helmet to fit over that rocking mullet.

Sean: I don’t know what else to say, this film is top-notch.  I could probably watch this one over and over again and find something more hilarious than the first time I watched it.  It’s full of just ridiculously cheesy dialog, over the top fights and stereotypes.  This is one that you have to see for yourself, that’s how good it is.  If you don’t believe me, check out the clip below – it’s been called one of the most ridiculous and best fight scenes ever, and I have to say, I agree wholeheartedly…

Monkeyface: I agree 100%.  This movie has to be watched over and over again.  I’m not shocked that no one from this movie outside of Rothrock had a mildly successful career, but I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t get together for a sequel.  Action movies like this just make me crave more, and thankfully there are more.  If I could use one word to describe this movie in the rankings of low-budget action flicks, it would simply be – Undefeatable!

Raz: This is the first Cynthia Rothrock movie I’ve seen and I’d have to say it is dam good.  If her other movies are comparable to this one then she has gained a new fan.  All I can say is this movie is great.


9 thoughts on “Undefeatable”

  1. This movie is awful even for Godfrey Ho. I particularly loved the obvious mannequin that was supposed to be a body in the morgue scene.

    Do you think Don Niam thinks back on this and smiles, or cries himself to sleep at night after wrapping himself around a bottle of Night Train?

    Lurples last blog post..Super Badass

  2. Don Niam curls up surrounding himself with his giant furlike mullet and sleeps soundly like any wild ape would. I recently got a bunch more Godfrey Ho films, I’m hoping their half as good as this one.

    There’s just so much to love about this movie, I don’t know how you could focus on only that morgue scene 🙂

  3. Undefeatable is pretty unusual for Mr. Ho in that it actually has a plot, and it isn’t 2-3 films randomly edited together with the word “Ninja” thrown into the title.

    The morgue scene actually had me laughing out loud. It’s true that nearly every scene is horrible in some way. 😉

    Lurples last blog post..Main Hoon Na

  4. I would contend that Undefeatable is the greatest movie ever made if only because of the high five over the picture-stacks of mutilated women.

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