Earthquakes have broken-out all over Japan and the carnage is devastating! But the volcano has been dormant for 2000 years so there must be another explanation right? Princess Dragon Mom has returned to take over the earth and destroy the human race. She is sending her most deadly mutants to destroy Professor Liu and the science lab that has the technology to defeat her. But there is only one person who can defeat her now and save the earth from total destruction… INFRAMAN!

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Zombie Vs. Ninja

They say that money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly can buy a position of influence… Those are the words that are spoken very early in the Godfrey Ho film Zombie Vs. Ninja.  Unfortunately for you, you won’t have any idea what that has to do with anything else that you’ll see in the next hour and a half.

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Black Belt Jones

Poppa Byrd is one tough old dude (played by one of the best voice-over actors ever, Scatman Crothers).  He runs the baddest dojo in the whole city.  Unfortunately, Poppa Byrd is a gambler, see.  He owes Pinky and his gang some money, and they’re the wrong people to owe some money to.  Pinky is pissed, and he’s coming to collect.  When they get there, they offer to take Byrd’s dojo in exchange for his debts, but when he doesn’t see eye to eye, he takes a double neck punch straight into heaven.  Wrong move, brotha! See, Byrd has a star pupil who just happens to be be one of the baddest mutha’s (shut yo mouth!) in town… and his name is Black Belt Jones!

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Deadly Prey

Imagine John Matrix from Commando and Chance Boudreaux from Hard Target had a kid together… and then imagine that kid made a movie. You are probably thinking about a movie where this big huge muscle bound ex-military guy gets taken hostage and hunted by punk-asses in some backwoods setting right? Well you’re in luck because director David A. Prior has made your vision a reality with the 1988 film Deadly Prey (in all fairness Hard Target was made after this movie, but you get the idea). The film stars no one you’ve probably ever seen or heard of before, and just 10 minutes into this movie you find out why.

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