Earthquakes have broken-out all over Japan and the carnage is devastating! But the volcano has been dormant for 2000 years so there must be another explanation right? Princess Dragon Mom has returned to take over the earth and destroy the human race. She is sending her most deadly mutants to destroy Professor Liu and the science lab that has the technology to defeat her. But there is only one person who can defeat her now and save the earth from total destruction… INFRAMAN!

When I was a kid this movie, now renamed The Super Inframan (Zhong guo chao ren), was one of my favorites along with Star Wars and Iron Eagle. I would watch it every chance I got. You could say this movie launched my love of martial arts flicks. For being made in 1975 this Shaw Brothers production really has stood the test of time. The special effects are superb, and the choreography was excellent as it is with every Shaw movie.

Inframan is the product of the Professor who has spent years producing a hero who can protect earth at its darkest hour. He recruits one of Japan’s best agents to become Inframan. It is a very dangerous process as the subject must endure injections with biological hormones and radiation, along with robotic enhancements. The result is the strongest fighter known to man who can jump hundreds of feet in the air, shot lasers from his hands and take a beating from any mutant the Princess can throw at him.

The first monster sent to attack is the plant monster, who can extend his tentacles to wrap around humans or even buildings. When the tentacles are cut off they spray acid and can grow back. Next we meet the spider monster. As you probably guessed he can capture people in his webs, and sprays a deadly poisonous liquid. He is also able to grow 10 times larger than his normal size… I bet you’re wondering how Inframan can defeat this guy. There is also a drill monster, a voodoo hair monster, and Witch Eye, the Princess’s second in command. I won’t ruin it by telling you about the rest of the monsters, but there is a bunch.

While Inframan is out beating the crap out of a few monsters, the drill monster breaks into the Professor’s house and kidnaps his daughter. The Professor gives himself up to save his daughter, but it is all a trap. Princess Dragon Mom has a plan to stop Inframan, and she knows that he must now travel to the top of Dragon Mountain to save his friends. Will he be able to defeat the rest of the mutants? And will the Professor’s latest invention, the Thunder Fists be able to help Inframan take down the Princess?

Seeing this movie has brought back a ton of memories for me as I hadn’t seen it in about 20 years. Everyone calls this an Ultrman knockoff, but I think it is just as good if not better. It’s just a fun movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has loads of action, and a terrific cast of monsters, not to mention the hundreds of skeleton henchmen. If you are a fan of Japanese sci-fi martial arts movies then this is a must see. But I think anyone who likes fun kung-fu movies with a touch of craziness will enjoy Inframan. I give it 3.5 flying lethal kicks out of 5.

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  1. ummm…. you have to excuse me if I skip right over your wonderful review of Inframan and ask when I am to expect the announcement of my win of the fabulous lil zombie FIGURE (trust me. I learned not to call him a “doll.”)

    Anyhoo I know Lurple is convinced he has won it, and I think you just need to go ahead and let him know the truth. It’s kind of like pulling a band aid off. You have to do it quick otherwise Lurple is liable to squeal like a little girl…. that would be really annoying….

    Petras last blog post..Happy Tree Friends = twisted humor

  2. We’ll be announcing a winner soon. I actually have it all picked out, but I left at work, so when I get back Wednesday we’ll reveal it shortly thereafter.

  3. you may as well go ahead and break it to Lurple now. He’s knows its me and not him, so just rip that baby off. Better faster than slower I always say….

  4. Crazy monsters fighting biologically enhanced superdudes with kung fu for the win!

    Petra is just sad that she disqualified herself by loving zombies too much. But I’ll still share a gnawed leg with her (or at least a picture of the leg) if I happened to win. ;P

    Lurples last blog post..Kick the Moon

  5. I Am Super Infra-Man: And I Know That It Is I That Will Win This Contest Hands Down!!! I Love All Types Of Sci-Fi (ScyFy) Movies , Etc…

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