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When you hear the names of movies like Commando, Double Impact, Hard to Kill, and Cobra, what comes to mind?  How about cheesy, over-the-top action with explosions and bad guys getting their asses handed to them in every scene!  Well now we have a new name to add to that list: The StabilizerPeter O’Brian (star of Rambu (aka The Intruder) ) has made it back to Internal Bleeding in a movie we like to think of as “unintentionally classic”.  Rambu gave you just a taste of American actors in an Indonesian film, but this movie takes it to new heights never before reached in cinema history.  Let’s dive in and see why Peter O’Brian is called The Stabilizer!

Lovers of 80s action flicks like us here at IB know that every action hero must have a mullet to be qualified as a bonafied “star”.  You’ve seen Stallone in Cobra, and Van Damme rocked one for pretty much his entire career.  But you’ve never seen a curly, greasy mullet like Peter “I’ll just use my real first name” Goldson sports in this movie.  It really is a work of art, and I can only imagine the painstaking hours spent by hairdressers before every scene to make sure the mullet… err I mean Peter looked good for his shots.  The next qualification for stardom is rock hard abs.  But you can’t just have them, you need to show them off, preferably in scenes which don’t really require you to be shirtless.  Or better yet, just wear a see-thru mesh shirt to show you are a guido with a great body, but that you also want to be ready in case you need to stop into a 7-11 and get a slurpee! (no shirt no service)  Finally, action stars much be really hard to understand.  This can be achieved in many ways.  Arnold uses his poor Austrian accent to confuse what we are hearing.  When Seagal speaks you can barely hear him.  The producers of The Stabilizer must have thought O’Brian, an Ohio native, was worse than other stars because they decided to completely redub his voice with someone elses.  And although you can tell he’s speaking English, it looks like he has used Stallone’s technique of mumbling his lines because his mouth barely moves.  As you can see, all of these things (including The Stabilizer theme song) add up to one “fantabulous” action star who fits perfectly with the rest of the movie!  Let’s see what The Stabilizer is all about…

The movie begins how every action flick should, with a guy on a motorcycle flying through a window, which seems like a pretty difficult, yet effective way of breaking into someone’s home.  It turns out these guys work for Greg Rainmaker, a drug trafficer in Thailand who runs an organization called The Golden Triangle.  They are looking for the “narcotics detector” developed by Professor Provost.  When the professor is kidnapped, local authorities call in the FBI, and they send Goldson to “Stabilize” the situation!  Goldson and Rainmaker go way back.  Goldson put a bullet in Rainmakers leg during a drug bust, and Rainmaker took revenge a little further by raping his fiance, stepping on her leg with his size 13 Lee Trevino golf spikes, and spitting on his Cobra look-a-like picture… that’s just cruel!

During an assassination attempt, Goldson captures one of the would be killers and finds a way over detailed map which just happens to have directions to a drug holding facility.  But it was all just a sneaky trap to capture Goldson and his partner.  Just when you think it’s curtains for our heroes, they make a daring escape in the first big karate fight of the movie.  There are fists, feet and arrows flying by… a gardener/thug is even killed by his weed whacker! After the escape, they get a tip that drugs are being held in another warehouse outside of town.  In the fight to end all fights Goldson’s crew reeks havoc on a bunch of Golden Triangle members.  They retrieve the Professor and destroy the warehouse.  Game over right?!?  WRONG!

We can’t possibly give away the entire final 40 minutes, but let’s just say that the professor is killed, his daughter is kidnapped, and The Stabilizer must fight tons more thugs with machine guns, dodges a boat with torpedoes, escapes a fiery inferno, and takes out Rainmaker’s personal chopper!  Holy shit this movie is non-stop action!!!

Monkeyface: The warehouse scene is by far my favorite part of the movie.  Goldson repays the thugs by breaking through a wall with his motorcycle.  But he doesn’t stop there, he keeps kicking asses on the bike… and he isn’t much of a driver.  He drives up some stairs and over a few thugs and then crashes into a few shelves.  Just when you think he should probably get off the bike, Goldson jumps it off the second floor and onto a guy with a machine gun. He has crashed again and takes a garbage can to the face, but it only enrages him more!  Now the real carnage begins, and Goldson’s crew takes out what seems like an endless wave of criminals.  One of them even looks like Mr. T.

Sean: Indonesian Mr. T is the shit!  My favorite scene in that movie is actually that very same warehouse scene.  Goldson is beating up a couple dudes, and another guy off screen tosses a barrel or something at him.  He turns quick to see what’s going on, and the barrel just bounces off of his head.  Too bad for the bad guys that that just pisses him off more, and he continues his second full time profession as a one man wrecking crew!

Monkeyface: This Goldson dude has all the style of an 80s hair band, just check out these clothes.  How is it that Van Damme can come to this country and make a name for himself, but this guy has to goto Indonesia and NOT make a name for himself.  If people could see this movie I think all of that would change.  I absolutely loved this movie for the loads of cheesy entertainment.  I’ve seen it 3-4 times in the last month, and I keep finding new things about it that make me laugh.  It even has a fairly decent story even though there are a few parts where it is loosly held together.  But I attribute that to the redub.  I’ll give this film 4.5 boots to the face.  It is a MUST SEE!

Sean: This movie is an ACTION FEST!  It’s pretty much nonstop, and for a movie with a lot of fighting and a lot of action the story is actually pretty decent and overly easy to follow.  They don’t throw any real twists at you it’s all just in your face all the time.  The other thing is that for Peter O’Brian not to get some kind of recognition in his home country is just tragic.  Anyone who saw this performance should be offering him a job in a second.  He might not be able to act for shit, and you probably can’t understand what he says when he does try to act, but the fact of the matter remains that the guy can kick all types of ass.  Troma has re-released this movie on DVD, so I’d have to second Monkeyface’s rating of a whopping 4.5

The Stabilizer: [usr=4.5]


8 thoughts on “The Stabilizer”

  1. The name alone inspires laughter. “The Stabilizer”?! They couldn’t find *anything* that sounded more threatening?

    I say we dig this guy up and have him and Don Niam star in a film. Directed by Godfrey Ho. I’ll pitch in $5, which should cover 50%.

    Lurples last blog post..Come and See

  2. I’m sure just mentioning the idea to Godfrey Ho would inspire him to take pieces from The Stabilizer and Undefeatable and make a whole new movie… “The Undefeatable Stabilizer!” “Peter Goldson has a new enemy, the blind Stingray who is still looking for his wife in the flowered dress!”

  3. I don’t know about you but I’d pay $5 to see “The Undefeatable Stabilizer!” I know could make it myself, but it’d be a lot more work than paying Godfrey Ho $5.

    According to IMDB Mr. Ho has retired now, and he’s teaching the art of film to a new generation. Be afraid. 🙂

    Lurples last blog post..Come and See

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