Yor: The Hunter From the Future

Yor (Reb Brown), is a prehistoric hunter with an extremely bad haircut.  Yor had always question his existence and he gets a clue to his origins one day when he saves some savages from a deadly triceratops.  These savages recognize the medallion Yor has around his neck and they tell him about a desert goddess that possesses the same medallion.  Yor decides that he must find this goddess and learn more about his people.  On his quest to discover the truth of his people Yor encounters purple cave men, dinosaurs, space ships, robots, and a evil Overlord.  Will Yor transcend time to become the savior of the world?

Directed by: Antonio Margheriti

Screenplay by: Robert D. Bailey, Antonio Margheriti

Raz:This movie starts out with the hero Yor running down a mountain while his catchy theme music blairs in the background.  After the music corrupts your mind the only thing you can think is that Yor is the MAN!  Needless to say by the end of the song you want to shoot yourself in the face because you will never get it out of your head.  NEVER!  Anyway Yor sees a hot cave woman being attacked by a triceratops and intervenes.  Yes that is right the hot chick was getting attacked by a triceratops.  I could have sworn that the triceratops was a herbivore, but there is no mistaking this one has some pretty sharp chompers.  Carnivore or not Yor gives this dino the ax.  Then with the gayest smirk on his face he fully extends his arms into the air and lets forth his cry of victory.   It is quite gay but this does not matter because YOR IS THE MAN!!!

Sean: I have the feeling that you’re trying to tell me that Yor is the man…  He is, but that’s beside the point.  This movie left me scratching my head in amazement and wonder.  Is this supposed to be earth that he’s on, or some earth type planet where dinosaurs roamed the earth with men.  Regardless, Yor’s stone axe is tough as shit, he splinters the triceratops face with it and just punctures through the thick plate on it’s head.  Yor and his axe are unstoppable.

Monkeyface: Normally I like to summarize the main character’s plight against humanity, but it seems the makers of Yor wanted to try and do that for me in song. So let’s take a few lines and see what they came up with?

Yor’s World! He’s the man! Yor’s World! He’s the man! Yor’s World!
Lost in the world of past… the echo of ancient blast… Yor’s World!
There is a man from future, a man of mystery! Yor’s World!
Yor, the touch of fire! Yor the proud and free desire!
He never sees the sun! He’s always on the run! Him, days are gone.
They say he will go on! His search goes on and on!

What the hell does all that mean!?!?  Some of it isn’t even proper English.  All you can take from that is this Yor’s dude is one bad motorscooter!  He’s the man!  And it is a catchy tune that you just can’t seem to release from your memory banks, even days later.

Raz: I would like to take this time to dwell upon Pag (Luciano Pigozzi).  Pag was saved from the evil triceratops along with Ka-Laa (Corinne Clery) by Yor.  Now Pag may look like a old over weight cave man, but don’t let that fool you.  He is one bad mother fucker.  I am very surprised they did not do a movie spin off of the adventures of Pag, the bad ass trapeze bowman.  Actually I am not but Pag is still a bad ass in my book.  They should have made some sweet theme music for him.  Yor would have been up shit creek with out a paddle if it were not for Pag.  In fact Yor takes the credit for one of his kills that saves the lives of another hot cave woman and some children.  Yor gets the credit and is offered the woman and Pag killed the dino when he shot it in the eye with his sweet archery skills.  Nice Yor…  Way to cock block your friends.  I am sure that Pag would have liked a little action even if he is old and fat.

Sean: Pag is pretty bad ass.  He’s so bad ass that he’s a master of the bow and arrow in primitive times, and when Yor meets up with the The Overlord and his ghetto stormtroopers, he quickly masters the laser rifle, even though he’s never seen one before.  Yor does pimp him on the ladies though… but back to this Overlord figure.  You may have noticed we mentioned lasers, space ships etc… They don’t fit in so well with the supposed fantasy setting that we’ve laid out so far.  Half way through this one, they spring this whole outerspace idea on you.  It’s almost like it should be two movies.  It’s like they took the two best parts of Masters of the Universe and made them into two halves of this film.  The character Yor has a striking resemblance to He-Man, and the Overlord is hooded and shrouded in mystery like that of Skeletor.  I don’t think it’s really that far of a stretch, honestly.  Throw in the aforementioned ghetto stormtroopers and you have YOR!

Monkeyface: There were some pretty crazy characters in this movie.  I think my favorite is The Overlord, Yor’s nemesis.  He kind of reminded me of Zod from Superman, even down to the voice.  This guy has a whole army of robots at his disposal, and he can teleport himself to where ever he wants… that’s way more badass than Yor’s little stone axe!  Plus all Yor seems to bring is death and destruction to any village he encounters.  Either their women end up captured, or their village is burnt to the ground.  He even burns down a cave made of stone… how do you pull that one off!

Raz: I found this movie to be fairly hilarious and over all I thought it was ok.  I probably would watch it again because it keeps you laughing so I would give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.

Sean: Despite this being just a whacked out movie, it’s actually pretty entertaining.  It’s worth a sit through with your buddies on a Saturday night, but I wouldn’t substitute this movie for Shakespeare.  In my honest opinion, this film deserves no more than a 3 out of 5

Monkeyface: Yor: Hunter from the Future was a good time movie that I would probably watch again to catch more laughs.  It had a great cast of charcaters from mummy men, to purple cave dwellers, to androids and super androids.  If you can get your hands on this movie check it out even just to hear the theme song and see Yor fly on the huge bat/moth thingy.  Yor gets a 3 stars out of 5 from me.

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  1. Yes I too have seen this movie and had managed to block that ungawdly theme song from my mind…. that is UNTIL I READ YOUR FRICKIN’ REVIEW!!!!! Thanks a hell of alot guys!

    Petras last blog post..C.H.U.D

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