So Close

Lynn (Qi Shu) is an assassin hired by Lui Chow (Sau Sek) the brother of a major and corrupt business man to kill his own brother.  Assisted by her sister Sue (Wei Zhao) they take out Nunn Chow ( Siu-Lun Wan).  After the job is done Lynn decides to quit the business and orders her sister to do the same.  Hong Yat Hong (Karen Mok) is the detective assigned to Nunn’s murder and she suspects Lui has something to do with his brother’s demise.  To tie up all of the lose ends Lui orders has his mob to kill Lynn, Sue, and detective Hong. Angered by the double cross Sue goes to seek revenge but on her own she can only get SO CLOSE!

Written by: Jeffrey Lau and Directed by: Corey Yuen

For some odd reason I had high hopes for this movie.  I mean why not?  Hot women, and tons of action what could go wrong?  Well let me tell you this movie gets really corny.  I should have seen that coming a mile away.  it’s not a bad movie but very corny.  Lets start off with the story.  Assassin sisters kill big business men.  Not bad, and they are fairly hot if you like Asian women.  Hot female detective is assigned to the murder.  Still good…  Brother of the big business man hired the sisters.  Yeah I saw that coming.  Now here is where it takes a little bit of a turn for the corny side.  You ask yourself why are these sisters trained killers?  Well it turns out that their father invented this software that could hack into any camera in the world.  Sort of an eye in the sky.  Well, some big business wanting to profit from his invention, you never find out who, hires some assassins to have them killed.  Here comes the big BUT – one of the killers felt sorry for the two girls so he kills the other assassins and then trains the girls to be assassins.  Yep that is right the dude that was sent to kill their parents and may have killed them takes them in.  I don’t know if the writers thought that one through.  If some dude killed my parents and then wanted to train me to be a killer I think I would have to kill that dude.  That is just me though.

Here is another thing that had me wondering.  Sue is a lesbian, I think.  What first had me wondering was when she was trying to record her sister naked in the tub.  Which ends up in a girl on girl bathroom sparing match.  Not bad, but why is she trying to look at her sister naked?  Still hot though…   Then she totally stalks Hong Yat Hong.  Yep she has to be one…  That is too dam hot, but why were you trying to look at your sister naked?

Overall I liked this movie.  It got pretty corny but I should have expected that.  I give So Close 2 scantly clad sisters in the shower out of 5.

This trailer makes this movie look cooler then it actually is.


2 thoughts on “So Close”

  1. So Close is definitely a silly movie, but I like it. The opening action sequence where Qi Shu kicks much butt to the Carpenter’s “Close to You” is hilarious. Wei Zhao (Shaolin Soccer, Red Cliff) is also a cutie, though she doesn’t get as many action scenes as Qi Shu.

    Yasuaki Kurata (Fist of Legend, The Seventh Curse) also has a pretty darn good fight scene with the ladies.

    Lurples last blog post..Taarzan the Wonder Car

  2. Yeah I found the opening sequence with “Close to You” to be very hilarious also. I wish Qi Shu would have had more action in this movie cause she is a little hotty. The first movie I ever saw her in was “The Duel”. That movie was described as “The Matrix” meets “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”. More like “Duel to the Death” meets the cheese factory.

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