Virgins from Hell

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With me being an emerging fan of Indonesian cinema I was fairly optimistic about the 1987 film Virgins from Hell (Perawan disarang sindikat) directed by Ackyl Anwari. First of all the title sends a mass overload of wonderful images to my mind. And ‘B’ it stars Harry Capri who we all remember from The Stabilizer and Rambu (aka The Intruder). So this should be a good movie filled with high entertainment and some decent nudity right? Let’s see…

[image title=”vfh-2″ size=”thumbnail” id=”815″ align=”left” linkto=”full” ]Our movie starts out in bar/casino with a bunch of rich guys playing poker, most likely Texas Hold’em since that is what everyone plays these days. But unlike the World Poker Tour these tables are surrounded by beautiful whores in the brightest outfits money can buy. After cleaning out his buddies for a ton of money one of the poker players decides to have a little fun with his favorite prostitute… but this is no ordinary slut! During some rough foreplay she decides to fight back. But this isn’t another “no means yes” fight, this chick is part of a bigger plan and after she kills her assailant with a bullet to the taint she signals her crew to take the casino. Just then 30+ biker chicks ride in and start wrecking the place and everyone inside. After kicking some ass the chicks meet back at their headquarters and celebrate a take of a cool half-million dollars. This is just what they need to buy some new lingerie and some upgrades for their choppers… but wait; boss lady Sheila reminds them of the bigger plan!

A few years back Sheila and her sister witnessed Mr. Tiger killing their parents and stealing their home. Mr. Tiger just happened to be the man who owned the casino the girls ripped off. The heist is all part of Sheila’s plan to get revenge for the death of her parents. Now they have the money to get the right guns and ammo. The chicks get what they need and hop on their bikes headed for Mr. Tiger’s place. Soon after they arrive a pretty big battle breaks out filled with mass mayhem, explosions, and a girl on a flying bike! (Wait where did that come from) Just when the girls think they have won Mr. Tiger turns the tide and we realize it was all a big trap. (Wait how can you set a trap on a surprise attack)

[image title=”vfh-6″ size=”thumbnail” id=”818″ align=”right” linkto=”full” ]Everyone is captured and put behind bars and then we are let in on Mr. Tiger’s ultimate plan. He has a doctor working for him that has created his very own “Spanish Fly” without the painful side effects. He plans to market this new drug to feed his whore habit, and how ironic, he just captured a bunch of test subjects. After a few random rapings and tortures the girls begin to bicker amount themselves about who is really in charge of their “gang” and how the hell they are going to get out of this mess. While working in the yard the girls plan and execute a daring escape, but only Sheila manages to get out without being recaptured. Unfortunately for her she hides in a swamp with an alligator and barely manages to make it out alive. She is feared dead by her friends who remain behind bars fighting off horny sex depraved guards with really big guns… no, the automatic kind!

Fearing his own life is in danger after he completes the ‘horny juice’ formula, the doctor escapes on his own and takes a few guards out in the process.  After making it out alive he tracks down Sheila who has shacked up with some drifter who has tended to her wounds and now the doctors bullet wound… and he uses some strange methods that I don’t think have been approved by most health boards.  With everyone on the mend, they hike back to Mr. Tiger’s camp.  And in what was probably the best action of the movie, they rescue the gang, blow up the ‘horny juice’ lab, and take care of Mr. Tiger for all of his crimes.

While the beginning of the movie showed a lot of promise the middle was pretty disappointing. The end recaptured some of the action, but getting there was grueling.  What could have been a good biker chick flick turned into a typical women in prison movie. Many of the scenes felt awkward. I’m not talking about the “weird I’m watching a rape scene, awkward” more like the “what’s going on here and where was the director during the filming of this rape scene, awkward.” The other thing which made me mad was I had no idea who the sluts were when they were running around. Not to sound racist, but all the chicks looked alike to me. They tried to make them look different by wearing different lingerie, but some of the girls wore the exact same thing!  Note to self, never hire 30+ dark haired Pilipino chicks for the same movie.  Overall unless you are a much bigger Indonesian action film lover than I am you should probably skip this movie.  Most of it was nothing to write home about, and in the end… NO NUDITY!  I would give it 1 virgin rotisserie out of 5 because there was only 1 virgin who was actually put on a rotisserie in this movie.

3 thoughts on “Virgins from Hell”

  1. It’s a sad sad day in cinematography when you have a biker chick flick chalk full of sluts and slinky lingerie, rape scenes, and zero nudity. What the hell?? Oh wait – the “actresses” have morals! HAHA that was funny.

    Anyhoo, I typically like biker flicks, but I think this is one I am going to stay away from. And your 1 of 5 rating is a hoot!

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