Halloween Quick Hits

Happy Halloween from everyone at Internal Bleeding!  As I’m sure all of you have been doing, I’ve been happily watching all of the horror movies on TV this week.  It is nice to see that at least one week out of the year some stations make an effort to play some of our old favorites, and give us a chance to see some great flicks we may have missed.  So I decided this Halloween to do a couple “quick hit” reviews of American Werewolf In London & Hellraiser!

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Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed

Directed by: Brett Sullivan Written by: Karen Walton & Megan Martin

After mixing blood with her late sister, Brigitte (Emily Perkins) finds herself changing into the beast she failed to prevent her sister from becoming.  Every day she shoots up with monkshood in hopes to slow or even cure her disease.  Moving from place to place she looks for a cure, and runs from the other beast looking to mate with her.  While running from her primal lover she passes out from an overdoes of monkshood.  The authorities find her and they assume she is a junkie, so they take her to the local rehab center.  Brigitte is denied her daily dose of monkshood and begins to change faster.  Will her counselors help her kick her addiction, or will they become dinner for the beast after it gets unleashed?

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Shock Waves

A diving trip gone wrong puts a vacationing group into a sticky situation with what should be the coolest film villain of all time… Nazi zombies.  Unfortunately, this one ends up being all wet (very punny!).  John Carradine plays the Captain of a shoddy diving boat taking tourists off on a discount trip.  After having a few engine problems finally worked out, they set sail back on course.  The only problem is they don’t really know where they are, so finding that course could prove to be a little difficult…  All they end up finding are Shock Waves!

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Ginger Snaps

Directed by: John Fawcett Written by: Karen Walton

I have been wanting to watch some good werewolf movies, so I did a search, and I came across this gem.  When I first saw the title of this movie I thought it was about cookies.  Later I found that it was about something even better then those tasty treats.  This is a very strange title for a werewolf movie.

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