Ginger Snaps

Directed by: John Fawcett Written by: Karen Walton

I have been wanting to watch some good werewolf movies, so I did a search, and I came across this gem.  When I first saw the title of this movie I thought it was about cookies.  Later I found that it was about something even better then those tasty treats.  This is a very strange title for a werewolf movie.

Ginger Snaps is about this girl named Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) and her younger sister Brigitte (Emily Perkins).  Ginger is 16 and Brigitte is 15, and they are both “late bloomers“.  All of the other kids in their school find them to be very odd because they are quasi goth girls.  One night Ginger and Brigitte are out when Ginger finally is visited by aunt flow.  Unfortunately, there was a werewolf nearby and the thing tries to take her out.  Ginger and Brigitte escape and Ginger’s wounds miraculously heal quickly.  Later on Ginger body starts going threw some weird changes.  Is it puberty or a bad case of lycanthropy?

I liked this movie a lot.  It was not your typical, hey I am a werewolf, round up your lynch mob and kill me movie.  It almost has two different stories.  One of the ways you can look at it, Ginger and Brigitte are sisters that are very close.  They don’t want to be like other girls.  They dread the day they will become “women” and get their period.  Ginger gets hers first and goes through some hormonal changes.  Brigitte does not know what to think of her sister as she changes but does not want to lose her, so she pursues many leads to help her sister out – while Ginger assumes that Brigitte is jealous, because she has not yet become a woman.  It’s a horror movie about puberty.

The other was you could look at this move is that it’s movie about a werewolf.  Now this movie is nothing like “The Howling” or “Silver Bullet“…  The movie starts out with Ginger’s neighbor screaming about her dog, because it was torn to shreds.  You later on find out that there is some creature running around eating peoples’ dogs.  One thing I really did not understand is why the werewolf was eating dogs.  I guess that werewolves do not like being barked at by dogs.  The other neighbor’s dog is the thing that causes Ginger to snap.  This dog would not lay off of the barking so she ended it’s life.  Brigitte is appalled by her sister’s actions so she teams up with Sam (Kris Lemche), the local drug dealer to come up with a cure.  Ginger finds pleasure in killing and quickly graduates to killing people.  Brigitte is soon faced with a decision to either trying to cure her sister, or killing her.

Overall, I liked this movie a lot.  I though it was a great twist on a classic monster.  I give Ginger Snaps 4 half eaten dogs out of 5.


5 thoughts on “Ginger Snaps”

  1. I have tried really hard more than once to watch this movie, but I just cannot get into it. I know it has a cult following and is supposed to be awesome, but try as I might… I turn it every time.

    Maybe I’ll try again. For the 5th time…..

  2. I liked it too. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it and I don’t remember it all that well. I even liked Ginger Snaps 3 a bit. Don’t think I’ve seen the second one.

  3. i luff it it was so good, all three of them. they are good actresses, but um how did they get emily to look so young? anyone know. they need a 4th one! i would be so happy im so hooked on those movies!!!

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