Pranks (aka The Dorm that Dripped Blood)

A group of 5 students stay away at college for winter break to help clean out an old dorm before it’s demolition.  While all the other students are off skiing with their buddies or going over grandma’s house for Christmas, these guys are there to clean up the old kitchen, take out the beds, and clear out desks.  Little do they know that some doesn’t want them to get the job done, and strange happenings occur.  Is it the weird fuzzy headed resident, digging through the trash and avoiding them at all costs?  Is it the maintenance man who keeps asking about his missing drills, and likes to hang out in elevator shafts?  Maybe it’s the creepy guy that’s supposed to pay for and pick up all the old desks?  Or maybe… just maybe, it’s one of the students themselves?  One thing is certain, and that is that there are some murderous Pranks going on.

The 5 students staying to help clean up the place before it comes down are Joanne, Craig, Patti, Brian and Debbie (Played by Daphne Zuniga).  Shortly after they start, Debbie’s parents call to say that they’re coming to pick her up, they’re going out to grandma’s house.  When her parent’s come to pick her up, Debbie has to check a few things off of the inventory liste before she goes (which happens to be stored in dark storage room).  After her mother’s prodding, her dad starts to make his way upstairs to make sure she doesn’t need anyhelp.  On his way up the stairs, he ends up getting bludgeoned to death with a spiked bat, her mom gets garrotted and Debbie gets run over a few times with the family car.  That’s just a start of the killings, which include a steam cooker, a drill to the head, and a short stay inside of an incinerator.

Sean: First off, a spiked bat?  Really?  AWESOME!  The spiked bat is one of the most under appreciated slasher film weapon of all time.  Anyhow, I enjoyed watching this one.  I thought it had good pacing for most of the movie, but when we got to the ending, it dragged out for about the last 20 minutes of the film, with the killer chasing the last victim round and round in circles.

Raz:Yeah you can’t beat a spiked bat.  I thought that the movie was a little slow, and the original title for this movie did not quite fit.  I felt that the alternate title for this movie worked out a lot better.  I also felt that the last 20 minutes of this movie dragged out more then the rest of this movie.  This movie was not horrible but it was a little slow at some points.

Sean: This is really one of those movies where it’s cool to sit and watch with your friends, because they put the characters in so many of these obviously endangered positions that you’re constantly joking with each other and yelling at the screen trying to tell these people what they should be doing.  The characters are constantly split up to go investigate stuff even after they suspect something fishy is going on.  They might as well just wear signs around their necks that say “Kill me, I’m alone! :D”  When Raz and I watched this movie, we were saying stuff like “Of course, who wouldn’t put the master inventory list in the darkest, isolated area in the dorm, which happened to be on the roof?”  Some of the dialog just lends itself to be made fun of, and this would be perfect for it’s own “rifftrax“.

Raz:I agree that the best part of watching this movie was making fun of it as we watched.  One of the things that really got me was the fact they hired 5 students to clear out this dorm in 2 weeks.  They had some kind of slave labor camp going on.  Sorry, if some one asked me to clean out an abandoned dorm I’d think about it.  When they told me that it needed to be done in 2 weeks I’d tell them to F off.  Maybe I am lazy but it seems like a lot of work to have done in 2 weeks.

Sean: I read a little about this movie, and it seems that it was a student film by Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Obrow on a very small budget.  Despite that and working with a cast with extremely limited experience, the film works out pretty well.  I was actually pleasantly surprised by Pranks (aka The House that Drips Blood) presented.  Despite having a long, drawn out ending, the rest of the movie was decently paced, and it had a good amount of gore.  I’m also a fan of unhappy endings, so that was another plus.  I give Pranks 3.5 spiked bats out of 5.

Raz: Overall I did not mind this movie.  I thought it was a little slow but it was fun to make jokes about the move while we watched.  I give this movie 2.5 over worked students out of 5.


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  1. It was actually really well done. The gore effects that you saw were pretty good, and I thought the acting wasn’t that horrible, but after seeing so many bad movies, it has to be *really* bad for me to think they’re bad. My only real gripe was that the video is all pretty dark.

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