The Mad Detective aka Sun Taam

Inspector Chan Bun (Ching Wan Lau) was a great detective.  Unfortunately, he loses his job when he cuts off his ear and gives it to his boss as a retirement present.  Inspector Ho (Andy On) is investigating a case on Inspector Wong (Kwok-Lun Lee) who disappeared while chasing a thief into the woods.  Several weeks after his disappearance an outbreak of armed robberies and murders are committed with Inspector Wong’s gun.  When inspector Ho can not come up with any leads he asks Bun to help him solve this case.  After witnessing Bun’s unique style of investigating, inspector Ho realizes that his mentor is truly mad.

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Truth or Dare? – A Critical Madness

A big reason why I got into watching b-movies and awful horror movies was one of my old childhood friends, Chris.  He didn’t have cable and it always seemed like he and his older brothers would rent any movie they could get their hands on back in the mid 80’s when just about everywhere was renting out VHS.  There were a few of those movies that I never got to see, and I remember him talking about them a lot.  We’ve actually reviewed a few of those movies, and this one is another one that he used to talk about all the time.  In the case of “Truth or Dare? – A Critical Madness“, the things he used to say about it was a lot better than this movie actually was once I sat down and watched it for myself.

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Remember Virtual Reality?  You know, the game where you’d put on a helmet and hold a controller and it would look like you were actually in this low resolution polygonal game?  It was pretty big in the early 90’s, so much so that there were a few movies made about the fad.  Evolver is one of those movies, and it’s the name of the game that’s played.  Ethan Embry (as Ethan Randall) is one of the best evolver players, and he gets awarded a real robot that will play with him anytime he likes.   The robot learns after each round, and adapts to try to beat his opponent.  While it sounds like an awesome robot, the robot isn’t satisfied with shooting out foam balls and darts anymore, it wants to learn how to kill.

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Often times when movies are touted as a cross between this movie and that movie they fall short of either.  Today’s movie, Blastfighter, has been said to be a cross between First Blood: Rambo and Deliverance.  It would be an understatement to say that even coming close to those movies is impossible.  But at Internal Bleeding we don’t look for Oscar caliber performances, we grade on entertainment value.  So a cross between 2 classic hicksploitation movies is right up our alley!

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