Often times when movies are touted as a cross between this movie and that movie they fall short of either.  Today’s movie, Blastfighter, has been said to be a cross between First Blood: Rambo and Deliverance.  It would be an understatement to say that even coming close to those movies is impossible.  But at Internal Bleeding we don’t look for Oscar caliber performances, we grade on entertainment value.  So a cross between 2 classic hicksploitation movies is right up our alley!

An Italian film from 1984, Blastfighter stars a few people we remembered from 2019 – After the Fall of New York , Michael Sopkiw and George Eastman.  Sopkiw plays former cop Jake ‘Tiger’ Sharp.  He has just been released from prison after a 7 year sentence for killing the man who murdered his wife.  He has returned to one of his childhood retreats where he learned to hunt and fish.  We never really find out where the movie takes place, but it definitely has that ‘Deliverance’ feel to it.  They even managed to cast the same banjo player from the movie… a nice touch!  Tiger just wants to spend the rest of his days in ‘God’s Country’ hunting and living off the land.  Plus he received a nice gift from his friend ‘Nifty’ Pete… a gun that shoots everything imaginable; including poison darts, mini rockets, smoke bombs, flares and chickens (no I’m kidding about the chickens, but that would be cool).

While out hunting one day he comes across a few redneck punks who are killing/torturing animals to take back to this crazy Asian medicine man.  Tiger learns that the medicine man is working with an old friend of his, Tom played by Eastman.  Tiger has an issue with how Tom and his brother do business and threatens to take him down if he doesn’t stop.  When Tiger gets back to his cabin he is greeted by a nice piece of ass, but unfortunately for him it turns out to be his daughter he hasn’t seen in a decade.  Not wanted her around, Tiger tries to take her back to town but runs into a little trouble because Tom’s brother has cut the line to his brakes.  Tiger and Connie make it out of that situation alive, but worse things are yet to come.

Tiger’s friend Pete and his buddy show up to do a little site seeing, but their trip is cut short when they are murdered by a few of the local punks, including Tom’s brother.  Connie manages to escape and finds Tiger who was off trying to convince Tom to stop the animal slaughter.  After that all hell breaks lose as the entire redneck militia is on a hunt for Tiger and Connie.  Tom comes to his senses and tries to stop his brother, but he is unable to stop the huge dick move when he takes out Connie, finally unleashing the badass that is Tiger! Things finally start to turn the way of Rambo as Tiger makes it back to his cabin and gets the gun we’ve been waiting to see.  He wipes the floor with all the bad dudes, and has one final showdown with his former friend Tom.

As you can probably tell from the review, 3/4 of the movie was extremely slow and drawn out.  It seems like the producers were trying to tell more of a story that just didn’t need to be told.  But as with a lot of Italian cinema this is all buildup for one climatic ending and that is where Blastfighter made its mark!  Sopkiw and Eastman both did commendable jobs in their roles.  But throughout the movie I just kept thinking that there could have been so much more to it.  If you are a George Eastman and Michael Sopkiw fan you might get some enjoyment out of this movie.  Just don’t go into it thinking you are going to see a Deliverance or Rambo knockoff.  I give Blastfighter 1.5 swinging deer carcases out of 5.

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