Lady Dragon 2 (aka Angel of Fury)

Sometimes we watch movies that were so forgettable that it doesn’t really seem worth writing 1000 words about them.  I had an experience with one of those types of movies recently – the Cynthia Rothrock film “Lady Dragon 2” aka “Angel of Fury” – not to be confused with the OTHER Cynthia Rothrock movie called Angel of Fury with Peter O’Brian, which I’m sure is totally awesome.  Unfortunately, this Angel of Fury is just plain awful.

Rothrock plays Susan Morgan, a champion martial artist, which means that the only reason that fact is mentioned in the film is so that it can be used as a plot device to get her and her husband to smuggle some diamonds from the US to Malaysia (and to show off her martial arts skills).  The diamond thief, Diego (played by Billy Drago), drops some diamonds he stole from mobsters into Susan’s luggage, and he follows the luggage to try and steal it back after the bags have passed through customs.

Susan’s husband, Sonny is a big soccer star in Malaysia, but he’s trying to get money to help some struggling village where a little kid walks around with a crutch and he wants to help the village.  When Diego and his thugs (Including Sam J. Jones aka FLASH GORDON!) come to Susan’s house to take back the diamonds, but instead they blow out Sonny’s knee and rape Susan, and let them know that they’ll be back.  They decide not to report the crime to the authorities, because Sonny has hid the diamonds in the house and plans on using them in order to help his favorite impoverished village.

After the rape, the thugs come back just about every night and even kill Sonny, but at this point, Susan wants to get her own revenge, and still doesn’t alert the authorities even though there’s a snoopy police Captain that keeps coming by to check on her.  What follows is a truly boring movie with a little action that relies too much on Rothrock’s acting abilities.  The action that is there doesn’t outweigh just how annoying and stupid all of the characters are, and how predictable the ending “twist” is.

I could go on for a few more paragraphs about how slow and plodding this movie is, but I’ll just use this example instead: the two other people I was watching the movie with ended up falling asleep several times.  We were about an hour in, and had a discussion on whether we should keep watching it, or just watch something else.  We decided that hey, there was only half an hour left, it had to get good soon, right?  Wrong.  Let the snorefest continue.  We were also convinced that they let Rothrock write her own one liners after each boring encounter with bad guys.

When you make a thriller, if the characters are so annoying that your audience wishes the killer would just get it over with and then off himself, you probably haven’t succeeded in making a very good thriller.  To wrap it up, let me put it this way… The trailers that were on the VHS tape preceding Lady Dragon 2 were wildly more entertaining than the actual feature could have ever hoped to be.

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4 thoughts on “Lady Dragon 2 (aka Angel of Fury)”

  1. I was extremely disappointed in this movie. It just didn’t have the Rothrock action I’ve come to expect from movies like Undefeatable. On a good note, Billy Drago played his typical creepy villain and his spinning knife was pretty slick… me want!

  2. It was, overall, pretty plodding. Drago was his usual insane, creepy self, though–so it wasn’t a complete loss.

  3. I actually liked this movie for two reasons. 1. I think Chynthia Rothrock is hot, and 2., and most importantly, BILLY F’N DRAGO! The man is an amazing character actor, and is always a fantastic villain.

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