Revenge of the Living Dead Girls

Hey everyone, we have a special treat for all of you today! Jorge Antonio Lopez from has stopped by to write a very special Guest Review for “Revenge of the Living Dead Girls”.  He’s got an awesome horror site, so check it out when you get a chance.  We also got a chance to write a review for his site, so watch for more information on that in the coming days.  We’d like to extend a gracious thank you to Jorge, and now… On with his review!

Here we have a French zombie picture.  It is said to be France’s first gore flick and boasts extremely shocking material.  It was directed by Pierre B. Reinhard (“GHOST SOLDIER”, “LE THEATRE DU GRAND GUIGNOL”) and very similar to Jean Rollin’s “LA MORTE VIVANTE (1981)” a movie also about zombie girls.  Some think that Rollins also directed “REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD GIRLS” under a pseudonym.  Anyway, let’s crack this baby open and see what’s inside.

Warning: extremely bad dubbing has cause confusion with plot and character names.  This is no joke.  We open on a suspicious looking biker dressed in black trailing a truck with a tank carrying god knows what.  We later find out it’s carrying milk.  And the milk becomes drugged as the biker climbs on top of the tank and pours unidentified orange liquid into the milk.  The truck driver has been fooled by a sleazy blonde and is having sex on the ground of a barn with her.  The blonde is in on this milk-drugging scheme.

We see the deadly repercussions as three local town’s girls fall victim to the foul dairy.  Not long after this happens a bozo working for the evil factory (which is behind the whole mess) disposes of toxic sludge upon the graveyard, right where our three zombie girls will rise.  Let me tell you something pal.  These are some of the most disgusting zombies I have ever seen.  By disgusting I mean they are so poorly made.  Don’t get confused and think “disgusting” means cool and disfigured, maybe even rotten.  These zombie whores make one sick.  Their facial make up reminds me of Michael Jackson’s “THRILLER” video.  They walk around like dumb sluts.  They are a disgrace to zombies everywhere.

If I was hard on our zombie girls is cause they irritated me but they sure know how to kill.  They are in some woman’s apartment and they tackle her down and one of the zombie girls is wearing high heels.  As the other two kinda hold down the woman the other sinks the heel of her shoe into the woman’s eye.  Great dark blood flows from the wound.  This high heel homicide is a first for me.  For the rest of the film these girls get revenge on the key figures responsible for their death while our culprits try to clean up and escape with some cash.  Now don’t ask me how one earns money from drugging a town’s supply of milk.  I blame it on the bad dubbing.  It’s truly horrible.  No option for subtitles either.

Let’s continue with the mayhem.  The bozo that was dumping the toxic waste onto the graveyard gets his penis bitten off and disemboweled.  The disembowelment was pretty sweet although the camera doesn’t linger.  You still see some good visceral carnage.  The castration was not as good but kinda funny.  There are a few more deaths but I want to briefly touch upon two truly shocking outrageous scenes.  In the first our smelly zombie whores hold down and strip a prostitute down.  They strip themselves and have a pseudo-orgy like thing.  The zombies breast are nice though smeared with ash or something.  They run their hands over the prostitutes rich dark forest between her legs and here we go… They thrust a long sword up into her most private of areas.  I enjoyed this and I know you guys will too.

In the next noteworthy scene Christian, a scientist working for the evil factory, has contaminated his hand.  It has blisters and a nasty rash.  He makes the mistake of rubbing his beautiful pregnant wife’s belly while she’s in the shower.  You can only imagine what happens next.  I will tell you.  Her belly burns the skin goff until you see the child’s bloody head coming out of the stomach.  This scene is done extremely well.  I remember the haunting screams and the repeated shots of blood comind down her legs as the mother tentatively holds her baby’s exposed bloody head.

All good things must come to an end.  A blonde woman mixed up in thie shole mess has managed to steal all the money and is driving her car away to safely spend her fortunes.  This we know will not happen.  The zombie girls get into her car with her and as they are driving erratically the police throw a bomb their way, the car flips, flames consume them and all the money, sweet money flies through the air.

The living dead girls made my stomach turn for some reason.  I wanted to kill them all, even without raping their gym ripened bodies.  It must have been their makeup.  The shocks deliver!  You will get what you expected.  The film is pure trash, it is barely enjoyable and you know what, that’s ok in my book.  A must see for the abortion and the zombie orgy scene.

-Jorge Antonio Lopez

5 thoughts on “Revenge of the Living Dead Girls”

  1. umm… I just don’t know about this one. A zombie orgy does not appeal to me however I can certainly understand how the menfolk might find it intriguing. You guys basically don’t care if its breathing as long as its naked. That being said, I am on the fence as to whether or not I want to see this one. Perhaps I will try and catch some clips of it on You Tube before I decide…

  2. You are right Petra. Breathing is not the point. The nakedness is 🙂

    But if, for some reason – like being a girl for instance, you do not care about naked women, I really don’t see for what stranges reasons you would like to see “La revanche des Mortes-Vivantes”.

    As far as we are talking about living dead movies from France, You may be interested more in “La morte Vivante” (the Living-Dead Girl).
    For the same level of low-budget action and non-breathing nakedness, you , at least, have an interesting and well-done movie.

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