Best and Worst of 2008 – a Review of Reviews in Review.

reviewIt’s the last day of the year 2008, and this marks the first year that we’ve been reviewing films.  Well, it hasn’t been a full year – we started this current incarnation of the website on March 8th, 2008 with our first review of Larry Cohen’s “The Stuff” (note to ourselves – review more Larry Cohen films!).  Anyhow, since it’s the end of the year, we figured if you really wanted to you could browse around the site and look at all the stuff we’ve covered, but if you’re the lazy type like us, this condensed view of some of our highlights and lowlights might be right up your alley.  In this post you’ll find some clips and summary of our highest rated films and lowest.  So… without further adieu, let’s get on with the show:

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Black Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone from your friends at Internal Bleeding!  I’m not really sure what’s so bad about a Black Christmas, I have one every year.  Well my last name is Black, so maybe that explains it?!?  My guess would be that a lot of strange things happen, and we are scared out of our seats.  Anywho… lets take a look back at the 1974 Christmas tale which launched a remake a couple years back that went highly unnoticed.  The original stars such names as Margot Kidder and John Saxon.  It was director by Bob Clark who went on to direct Porky’s, a movie at the complete opposite end of the spectrum from this one.

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Peter O’Brian found alive and living well.

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you’ll know that one of our favorite actors on this site is New Zealand’s Peter O’Brian.  He’s starred in The Stabilizer, Rambu – The Intruder, and Angel of Fury, movies we’ve coincidentally reviewed (although he’s been in others that we haven’t reviewed yet).

After a few movies, he pretty much fell off the map, and there hasn’t been very reliable information on his whereabout or what he’s been up to since his end of his film career.  Well, now all that’s changed, thanks to an update from one of our readers, Jack J and his site En lejemorder ser tilbage and his friend Ian at HK and Cult Film News.  It seems that Peter is living in Indonesia and working as an English teacher.  Luckly Ian was able to track him down, and has started written correspondence with him.  You can read more about how Peter got his start in films here and here.

Thanks to both Jack J and Ian for this exciting news!

Santa with Muscles

santa-with-musclesHulk Hogan is an entertainment icon.  He’s an actor, a world champion wrestler, a star of his own reality TV show, a host for American Gladiators, a Pastamania spokesperson… and Santa?  You read that right, Hulk Hogan has played Santa Claus, or at least a rich dude who thinks he’s Santa.  Since it’s that cheery season for the old fatman with the rosy cheeks, we thought we’d sit down to watch IMDB’s current #49 movie on the bottom 100 – Santa with Muscles, and we did it all for you, our readers.

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