Angel of Fury (aka Triple Cross)

Here at we seem to be finding and watching a lot of movies from Indonesian cinema. They really love action flicks with a lot of karate, gun fights, and explosions. We’ve also reviewed a few Cynthia Rothrock movies in the last few months. So it was a treat to find her in an Indonesian movie… and if that wasn’t good enough, we found one with the god of action faces, Peter O’Brian! These 3 are a staple of cheesy low budget action films. Needless to say we had very high hopes for Angel of Fury, the 1991 film by Rambu (aka The Intruder) and The Stabilizer writer Deddy Armand. Wait a minute it’s called Angel of Fury… didn’t we just review a movie called Angel of Fury with Cynthia Rothrock? Yes we did, but that is a different one if you can believe that!

Nancy Bolan (Rothrock) is a courier, but not the kind of courier you would want to mess with… she doesn’t ride a bike in the streets of New York.  She is an international courier for a security firm and has a top secret computer to keep safe for Goldcrane Inc.  Upon her arrival she is met by a Goldcrane associate, and about a dozen thugs who are after her computer.  After dispatching the punks on foot and on jet-skis, Nancy is in for a surprise as she is knocked out by Tony, the supposed associate who was helping her.  She wakes up without the case, and in the company of her former lover who supposedly has been dead for the last 3 years, Mark.  He has been undercover trying to take down a man named Bolt, “the terrorist who strikes like lightening!”  Bolt (O’Brian) was in disguise and took the case.  But the problem for him is there are 3 cases coming into town, and no one knows which is the real computer.

Nancy meets back up with the real Goldcrane associates and fills them in on what happens.  The next case is arriving at the airport soon, and they head there to make sure Bolt doesn’t get this one too.  Unfortunately for them Bolt’s other nickname is Zartan, and he is an evil master of disguise.  He kills another Goldcrane agent and takes the case.  Nancy and her friends fight their way through the airport and take out a bunch of Bolt’s thugs, but it is not enough.  Bolt now has the first 2 cases.  He also has developed a distaste for Nancy killing all his buddies.  So he decides to send a few guys to take her out, but they lose her when she enters the pirate ship ride at the carnival.  In order to keep Bolt from getting the third case Nancy decides to change the plan just before the pickup.  But once again Bolt is ahead of the game and intercepts the driver who is on his way to get the courier.  A group of helicopters bring in the final computer, and its a gunfight to see who will end up with it.  Nancy brought plenty of firepower, but she just happened to hire the only 3 black guys who don’t know how to shoot automatic weapons!  So of course Bolt gets the final case, and Nancy is left once again with a bunch of dead partners.

Nancy is all distraught at her many defeats and gets a new ass ripped by her bosses.  So what does any good agent do, go to the mall with her friend and her friend’s daughter.  While they are fabric shopping, the little girl is kidnapped and Nancy chases them all over town.  Not only is she good at kicking ass, but she can drive a motorcyle and fly through the air! (you just have to see it)  Just when she is about to get the girl back, the slow-mo starts and the little girl takes a bullet to the back and is killed!  Nancy vows vengeance, and seeks comfort from Mark.  After a meal and a little “hide the salami” Nancy awakens to more of Bolt’s men who take her captive.  But now she has Bolt right where she wants him!  Well not exactly where she wants him, but she is back with the cases just a little tied up.  Luckily she has some friends on the outside, and they’ve come to do 20 minutes of ass kicking as this movie goes out with a bang!

Monkeyface: If I was going to write a college thesis on the subject of low budget action flicks this would be my closing argument!  I mean come on, you would have to include Indonesian cinema, Cynthia Rothrock, and Peter O’Brian.  This movie just screams bad story, worse acting, big explosions, and a ton of off the wall fight scenes.  It’s just all about entertainment and ridiculous stunts, something I love!

Sean: They figured they had to pack it full of ridiculous stunts and explosions because the story is held together by bubblegum and dental floss.  The whole time I watched this, I was wondering what was going on, and then in the last 5 minutes I barely heard anything except my brain going “Ahhh, so that’s how they’re going to tie this whole thing together”.  I remember you being very confused by the whole thing, and I was just trying to confirm that I actually knew what was going on.

Monkeyface: Even though Rothrock is the star (and I use that term loosely) O’Brian is the one to watch.  His facial expressions are something we’ve raved about at IB and this movie only expands on that!  He seriously looks like he wants to rip off your head and shit down your neck in every scene.  And even though I miss seeing him as the good guy, he plays one hell of villain.  Plus he gets to show more of his 80’s style; curly mullet, cowboy boots, and of course the muscle shirt!

Sean: The one, the only – Peter O’Brian steals the show in this one, hands down.  I’m still not convinced that the guy can even speak English, because he’s dubbed in EVERYTHING.  It’s a real shame he isn’t in the movie more, but this is more of a Rothrock vehicle.  She plays her normal tough chick self, and she takes guff from no man.  While her acting is as wooden as ever, she actually isn’t the worst, and she has one of the most memorable scenes in the whole thing.  She’s riding a dirtbike straight towards a SUV before they were called SUV’s and she jumps off the bike, kicks through the windshield, the car flips over, and she’s like 20 feet behind this whole wreck somehow.  Wow… that’s the only word that can describe it.

Monkeyface: While I wouldn’t give this movie a better mark than The Stabilizer, I did think it was better than Rambu.  O’Brian was of course a bad ass, and Rothrock tore it up too… she even proved that she has a hide-a-rack which is thumbs-up by me!  This movie once again proves that Indonesian cinema is no joke, and they have some gems yet to be seen!  I give Angel of Fury 3.5 piss poor shooting extras out of 5.

Sean: I totally agree, if the Stabilizer is a high water mark in Peter O’Brian’s career, then this doesn’t quite reach it, but it’s damned close.  It was a refreshing change of pace to see O’Brian play the bad guy, and he does a great job of it, I just wish they would have thought of it sooner so we could see the exact same actor playing the exact same character, except this time he plays him as more of an asshole.  If there is any Angel of Fury with Cynthia Rothrock to see, be sure not to make the same mistake we did, and see this one first.  This Angel of Fury gets 4 mislabeled DVD’s out of 5.

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