Peter O’Brian found alive and living well.

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you’ll know that one of our favorite actors on this site is New Zealand’s Peter O’Brian.  He’s starred in The Stabilizer, Rambu – The Intruder, and Angel of Fury, movies we’ve coincidentally reviewed (although he’s been in others that we haven’t reviewed yet).

After a few movies, he pretty much fell off the map, and there hasn’t been very reliable information on his whereabout or what he’s been up to since his end of his film career.  Well, now all that’s changed, thanks to an update from one of our readers, Jack J and his site En lejemorder ser tilbage and his friend Ian at HK and Cult Film News.  It seems that Peter is living in Indonesia and working as an English teacher.  Luckly Ian was able to track him down, and has started written correspondence with him.  You can read more about how Peter got his start in films here and here.

Thanks to both Jack J and Ian for this exciting news!

2 thoughts on “Peter O’Brian found alive and living well.”

  1. Awesome news! A buddy introduced me to The Stabilizer a month ago. Netflix instant watch is the method I found it & has already blown the lid off how I am exposed to many very nice old masterworks. Stabilizer was immediate love. Of course, we wondered what in the hell Peter O’Brian was doing nowadays. Can’t wait to point my friend to this article – Thanks!

  2. I also have major correspondance with Peter, with help also from Ian and Jack, and we are conducting a phone interview with him this weekend.

    visit for more details.

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