Silent Night, Deadly Night – Part 2


Santa Claus is coming back to town, and he’s not happy – or too sane for that matter.  While Billy, the “Santa Claus Killer” was taken out at the end of the first “Silent Night, Deadly Night”, this time it’s his younger brother Ricky’s turn to relive all the pain and suffering caused by his parents’ death on Christmas Eve night.  If you missed out on watching the first movie in the series, don’t feel too bad.  The first 40 minutes of this one are spent recapping the entire first movie.

Ricky (Eric Freeman) was just a baby when his parents were killed.  While he doesn’t remember much of what happened, somehow his older brother telling him stories traumatized him enough so that when he saw the color red growing up, it would drive him to a frenzy.  The movie starts by Ricky retelling his brother’s story to a psychologist in a psychiatric prison.

silent-night-deadly-night-part-2-1It seems that after his brother went on his rampage, they closed the orphanage, and Ricky was sent to live with a nice Jewish family that wouldn’t be celebrating the horrid Christmas holiday.  When his new father passed away, it pushed him too far, and his killing began with the repeated running over of a dude on a picnic date.  After he kills that dude, the woman thanks him, because her boyfriend was just a total ass.  She couldn’t just leave him, I guess, she would rather just have him dead.  His second killing was of a loan shark in an alley beating up one of his customers.  Ricky disposes him by lifting him about 10 feet in the air (he has the ability to grow very tall, I guess) and impaling him on an umbrella – which pops open so when it begins to rain immediately afterward he’s not getting wet and chilly… What a considerate killer!

silent-night-deadly-night-part-2-2I’m going to interrupt this summary now to say that the actor they used to portray Ricky at age 15 was probably the best one for the part.  The main actor, Eric Freeman, portrayed Ricky at 18, and he has the most expressive eyebrows I’ve ever seen, but why they needed two actors for a 3 year age difference is beyond me.  The 18 year old Ricky is  only in half the movie, since the first 40 minutes of this 90 minute movie was just a recap of clips from the first movie.  Couldn’t they have just used Freeman throughout the entire film?  None of the other actors were great, so why they wanted to sully this work of art with a good 15 year old Ricky just didn’t make sense.  When I say Freeman has expressive eyebrows, I’m not exaggerating.  He moves them up and down at just about every syllable and does an awesome job.  He’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine, and I’ve only seen him in this one movie.

silent-night-deadly-night-part-2-3Freeman really steals the show, because most of the other characters are killed pretty quickly or just aren’t memorable.  He has this unique way of delivering his lines where he emphasizes the wrong part of just about every word.  He also delivers the most memorable line from the film “GARBAGE DAY!?”… Simply Genius *queue Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best!” here*  Where is Freeman now?  That’s anyone’s guess, but he makes this movie what it is – excellent.  The only reason this won’t get a perfect score is because there’s too much that’s recycled.  If I hadn’t seen the first film, this would be perfect.  It condenses down the first 90 minute movie into 40 MINUTES, and you don’t really miss anything important.  Unfortunately, I just saw the first movie, so this was totally redundant :(.  This movie had some pretty unique death scenes, like a guy who’s eyeballs explode after he’s hooked up to a car battery charger, and the aforementioned “Garbage Day” while taking out his trash.  It’s a real shame there wasn’t enough new stuff to keep me totally satisfied.  While it doesn’t really have anything to do with Christmas except the last 15 minutes, it’s still very entertaining for what little new content you get.

If you plan on watching the first movie and this one, just fast forward through the first 4o minutes of this one – in that case I give Silent Night, Deadly Night a 3 out of 5.  If you just want to watch this to get to the condensed version of the first movie and this new footage, I’d give this movie a 4 out of 5.   Those two scores averaged make this a nice 3.5 out of 5.


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