I Come in Peace (aka Dark Angel)

i-come-in-peace-titleJack Caine (Dolph Lundgren) loses his partner when their undercover sting  gets interrupted by an wanderer not from this Earth.  Shortly after people start dropping dead from overdosing on heroin.  One main factor linking these deaths together is a hole punched into each of the victims’ head.  Jack goes after Victor Manning  (Sherman Howard) to avenge his partner and to stop the circulation of heroin.  Although it is Victor’s heroin causing the recent outbreak of deaths,  Jack soon finds that it is a drug dealer from another world that is shooting these people so that he can harvest a valuable drug from their head.  With Victor’s Hench men on one side and a invincible alien on the other will Jack come out on top, or will he end up in pieces?

Raz: I remember seeing this movie when I was younger and thinking that it was the coolest movie ever.  Now I am noticing as I re-watch several movies from my childhood that they aren’t that good.  In fact most of them end up being really cheesy.  While I do like Dolph Lundren, I would have to say that this was not one of his greatest movies.  Although most of his movies are pretty cheesy, but I think that is what make them good.  I would have to say that the movie I liked the best of his was “The Punisher“.  That movie is also quite cheesy but I think it comes together better.

i-come-in-peace-1Sean: You must have been a pretty gullible kid, because I remember seeing this trailer in 1990 and thinking it was a lump.  It just looks cheesy.  Look at the alien dude, for example.  When he lands on earth and they show the guy, he’s gotta be 10 feet tall at least, but later in the movie when put up next to Lundgren (who’s 6’5″) you realize they have him wearing some ackward platform shoes, and he looks maybe an inch or two taller.  Also, not since Robocop have I seen a gun with that much destructive ability.  The thing is fully automatic and has a huge 2 foot muzzle flare, and anything it hits explodes.  There’s actually a scene where Jack and agent Smith get ahold of one of these guns.  It has four levels of power, and they actually test it out on this alien dude on the first level?  Why the hell wouldn’t you just say “Hey, this guy is trying to kill us… stop friggin around with level one and lets see what this baby can do!”

Raz: The thing that annoyed me the most about this movie was Laurence Smith (Brian Benben) the guy Jack was forced to partner up with after his original partner died.  Laurence plays this “look at me, I am the by the book ass kisser that is going places” guy.  He criticizes Jack on several occasions and their bantering leads to several funny conversations.  The problem with placing this character to have a little comic relief is that he is not funny.  Maybe I am reading his character wrong but it seems like he is trying to be funny but is just falling short.  Another thing that I found a little odd was Diane Pallone (Betsy Brantley) Jack’s love interest.  She is ok, but she did not have me drooling over her hotness.  I know, not all cops can have super model girl friends. This is a cheesy action movie though, the main character is supposed to be banging a hot babe so you can get some nice nude scenes.

Sean: Dude, that chick was so hot.  I really dug her late 80’s chocolate ice cream scoop hairdo.  You just must not be able to recognize beauty when you see it.  I also think you’re missing the point on Agent Smith.  He’s supposed to tell corn ball jokes that aren’t funny, because he’s a “look at me, I’m the by the book ass kisser” guy.  If he was this cuddly lovable oaf, you would wonder why Jack wouldn’t always want him for his partner.

i-come-in-peaceRaz: Overall I thought this movie was ok.  While I am being a little picky about some aspects of this movie I did like the majority of the action sequences.  You can’t beat a huge alien drug dealer tromping around with his sub machine gun grenade launcher blasting up the town.  This movie is what it is, a pretty cheesy action flick, but it seems like they did not read the universal rule book on making cheesy action movies.  I give I Come in Peace 2.5 heroin overdoses out of 5.

Sean: This is a good action movie that comes at the end of an era of over the top action movies.  By the time this came out in 1990, Schwarzenegger had already done most of his cheese movies, and was moving on to parodying himself in Last Action hero, and going on to bigger things like T2.  Stallone had already done most of his action movies and was trying to show his diversity as an actor in garbage like Oscar (I mean the guy is wearing blush on the front cover of the DVD fer chrissakes!)  There aren’t any hugely memorable scenes, except the flying cd’s as weapons part near the beginning, but overall I thought it was a fairly decent action flick, and it kept me entertained.  It even had a bit of a twist when you find out why the alien is really there, that he might not be alone, and whoever is coming is bringing the most badass skullet you’ve ever seen!  This movie almost gave me an explosion overdose, so  I give I Come in Peace 3 flying cd’s out of 5.


2 thoughts on “I Come in Peace (aka Dark Angel)”

  1. I remember this awful film as, at the time, I could only associate Dolph Lundgren with his Ivan Drago character (the one pummelled in Rocky 4) and it was hard for me to get beyond that. It still is.
    That comes to mind, as do the flying CD-weapon things. Brilliant.

  2. Dark Angel aka I Come in Peace
    I grew up watching this movie along with Evil Dead, Near Dark, Navy Seals, The Replacement Killers, Dog Soldiers, Ghost of Mars, The Punisher 1, Fright Night 1, Fright Night 2 that is now OOP. All of these have become Cult Movies and will always have a following. If any one has thier Ears on I would gladly pay for a VHS transfer to DVD copy. Drope me a E-mail.
    Some of the newest Cult Movies The Cave, Decent, Underworlds and others are sure to havea long following for years to come. Atleast this is how I see it in todays world.
    The Crippled Freak

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