Mike Delano (Steve Rally), a detective for the LAPD, refuses to let the Yakuza take over the west coast.  While eating in a sushi restaurant, Mike and his partner witness the murder of the owner and his daughter when they won’t pay protection money to a couple Japanese gangsters.  Mike’s partner gets killed during the investigation, and he gets informally teamed up with Akashi (John Nishio), a Tokyo cop to out for vengeance for slain family members who were killed in the restaurant.  Akashi is used to dealing with the Yakuza in Japan, and shows Mike that he had been dealing with them in the wrong way.  While the Yakuza are not afraid of death, they do respect the method of death, so Akashi quickly dispatches one of the  thugs and marks him with the phoenix to send a message.  Now they must battle the gang to earn their respect.  Will the Yakuza kill of Mike and Akashi, or will Mike and Akashi collect all of the limbs of the gang to earn the respect they deserve – and stop them from taking over the whole west coast?  Did we mention that this was directed by Ulli Lommel, the same guy that directed one of our least favorite movies “Cocaine Cowboys“?  This should be interesting…

overkill-6Raz: What do you get when you cross Miami Vice with the Revenge of the Ninja?  OVERKILL!  A movie made for people that have a bad case of ADD.  I’m not sure if they didn’t know how to transition from one scene to the next, or if they had too much footage and they just made some absurd cuts to keep this from being a 3 hour movie.  This movie really jumps from one scene to the next – in one instance you have two guys talking about doing a sting operation then all of the sudden they are on the sting!  It’s not like you can’t follow what is going on but it really throws you off some times.  My favorite cut is when Mike drives Akashi’s nephew to a crystal therapist after he’s been shot a few times, and he has a white interior in his car.  Then, when it cuts to him leaving  he has a red interior.  Not sure if he got in a different car or the kid bled out so bad that it stained the interior red.

Sean: I think if they hadn’t had all these quick cuts, the whole movie would have had a running time of about 180 minutes.  It would be like if your life was a movie, and you told your buddy “Hey, let’s go to McDonalds and eat a hamburger” and then the next scene would be you wiping your mouth at the garbage can and walking out of the place saying to your buddy “Ok, what’s next?”  Let’s get another thing straight, Akashi and Mike aren’t working for the cops.  Mike is kind of on the outs with his department for overstepping the lines during his investigation, and he just happens to meet Akashi, who decides to help him.  While they go about killing these dudes and cutting off other people’s fingers and ears or whatever, there’s never any hassle from the cops.  There’s even a female cop at the department who knows all about their escapades, but not once does Mike or Akashi get in any real trouble over this.

Raz: This movie is pretty goofy at times.  I found it really hilarious that Mike always had ether a vest of jacket on but no shirt.  You also had to love the guys porn ‘stache.  Akashi really was a trip too.  I love how he kept sneaking into the Yakuza boss’ house and he kept cutting off their appendages.  Then he keeps them in a little bag that he carries around.  “Check this out!  I have a bag o’ fingers!”  Yeah, I am sure that is not illegal.  Mike also did not have a problem with the “finger” bag.  Sorry but if I am a detective and my so called partner was like “Hey check this out!” and it was a bag with an ear and a finger I would be like “YEAH…  you are going to have to come with me.  Oh, and put these on or I’ll shoot you in the face.”  Guess that is how they use to take care of business in the 80s though.

overkill-8Sean: My favorite part was when they’re trying to figure out ways to infiltrate the Yakuza’s businesses and a female cop tells Mike that they have their hands in a local male strip club.  Mike jumps at the idea to be a stripper.  I mean he says he’s not interested, but when he finds out it might help his investigation, he instantly changes his mind.  He’s all set to go out there with some white fringed leather pants with his shirt wide open and his porn moustache glistening in all of it’s glory.  The way he’s dancing on stage, you’d think he has some kind of experience in this line of work.  You could easily think of a backstory where he paid his way through the police academy by working as a male stripper or something.  And as soon as he sees the guy that kills his partner, he just bounds off stage like Prince Adam from the old He-Man cartoon and runs after these dudes.  What about all those tips, Mike!?  You made out of money or something?  Let’s say I wasn’t suprised when I checked out his IMDB filmography and saw that out of 11 of his movie appearances, he’s in 3 playboy “films” and 4 other movies as either a “dancer” or male stripper.  Oh yeah, and wikipedia lists him as a playgirl “Man of the Month” too… makes sense.

Raz: This movie was fairly good.  I thought the scene jumps were a little annoying but overall the move was good.  It is one of those movies that is so dumb that it will definitely have you laughing.  I give Overkill 3.5 severed ears out of 5.

Sean: This movie was really a treat to watch.  It’s so ridiculous that it’s good, just make sure to take your anti-seizure medication before you watch it.  The following account sums it up perfectly:  Mike, an LA cop, is all about tracking what he thinks are yakuza in california, and he meets up with Akashi, a Japanese cop who’s there to attend a funeral. After Akashi and Mike decide to team up, they’re driving in the car and Akashi says “sayonara”, Mike asks “What’s that mean?”  I would think that if you’re so entrenched in Japanese culture and hunting down the Yakuza, wouldn’t you think you’d know how to at least say goodbye in their language?  If this movie were a person, the plot is it’s skeleton and the action is the fat, the muscles, the organs and whatever else a person would be made out of.  It’s so absurd that I give it 4 little baggies full of fingers out of 5.

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