Slaughter’s big, bad, black and bold
The brother has a lot of soul
Don’t you make him mean and cross
‘Cause he’ll show you who’s the boss

You can probably gather with those words, that this Slaughter guy is probably a pretty hard ass dude.  If you didn’t guess that, it’s too late because he’s probably already either punched you through a wall, or tackled you from a second story into a pool.  That’s because Slaughter don’t mess around, and he doesn’t appreciate it when you blow up his daddy’s car, killing him in the process.

slaughter-1The story is pretty simple, Slaughter (Jim Brown) is an ex green beret that basically doesn’t take crap from any man.  When his mother and father are killed, he tries to lead his own investigation to find out who’s responsible.  He goes to see one of his dad’s close associates and at first she doesn’t want to give up the info, she’s afraid that something might happen to her.  Guess what… she was right, and she gets pumped full of hot lead right in front of Slaughter.  In her last dying breathe, she tells him the name of the guy that sent his daddy to kingdom come, and that he’ll be at the airport leaving that night, so he better take the opportunity to put a hurtin on the guy that night.  That guy?  Renaldi…

Slaughter gets his gear together, and puts a slug into Renaldi’s head, and then uses his car to try to run the airplane Renaldi’s boys are on off the runway in that same car.  While he manages to destroy the plane, one of the Renaldi’s boys escapes leaving Slaughter to deal with the police.  Once he’s picked up, he finds out that he’s gotten in the way of a Treasury Department investigation, and he’s coerced to sign a confession – but he’s also given a deal.  Go down to South America to try to catch the man that got away… Hoffo (Rip Torn).

Once Slaughter gets down to “South America”, he’s given the details and he meets his team.  His partner – Harry (Don Gordon) codenamed “Marcus” – some kind of expert at something, I’m sure.  After meeting Harry, he’s let in on a little subplot.  His father was killed over a computer punch card.  Now the plan is to find this computer that does something that’s never explained, and to take out Hoffo, the man responsible for killing his daddy.

slaughter-2Sean: John Slaughter is a man that’s not to be messed with, that’s for sure.  He puts his partner through a wall when he first meets them, and he’s got dead-eye aim, putting rounds into people’s braincases.  For once I can actually believe that the lead character can do something like that.  I mean we’re talking about Jim Brown here, he was no slouch and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.  Plus he plays an ex green beret, so at least the character has training that makes him a bad ass right?  I mean the dude knocks a plane off the runway by hitting it with a car!

Raz: That was a great scene.  Slaughter runs into the plane with a care knocking the landing gear off, setting it ablaze.  Was it a cheap plane?  Nay, Slaughter is one bad ass mother f…..!  He is so bad ass no one messes with him.  Before Slaughter plays bumper cars with a plane he shoots up his bathroom in his apartment because he thought that someone had come after him.  After he empties the clip and things cool down for a minute a hot piece of tail saunters out of the bathroom.  Slaughter being the bad ass that he is throws her naked ass out then goes to bed.  The guy in the apartment next door doesn’t call the police after getting his apartment shot up.  Yeah, I probably would be scared of this guy if he lived next to me too…

Sean: They did this weird effect throughout the movie, and mostly in action scenes.  It seemed like at just random intervals they’d throw an extended fisheye effect into the mix, usually coupled with slow motion.  It was pretty out of nowhere the first time we saw it, and I was starting to think something was wrong with my copy of the movie.  They also like to do these tight zooms on the characters faces, where their heads fill the entire frame.  I noticed it a lot more with Slaughter’s character in particular, but that might have been because he had such a bodacious afro.

slaughter-4Raz: The fight scenes were a little hard to follow because of the way they were shot.  The camera as zoomed in a little too close for my taste.  Most of these scenes consisted of Slaughter’s face, fists, or fro.  Every once in a while you would get an out of focus distance shot.  A lot of the acting in this movie is pretty bad.  The best scene to show case this top notch acting was the scene when Slaughter was forced to sign a confession for what he did on the airstrip.  Some dude with crooked glasses riles Slaughter up with a banter of name calling and a few racial slurs.  Then out of spite, he signs the confession.  I was fairly surprised that he signed the confession without more of a fight.  This exchange was so convincing, it had me looking for the queue cards.

Sean: I was pretty surprised with this movie overall.  I think going into it with pretty low expectations helped that.  I don’t know how many movies I’d seen with Jim Brown in them going into this, but I guess I didn’t expect him to be as charismatic as he was.  I know there are a few sequels to this movie, so I think I might check them out.  It even turned out to be a pretty good buddy flick, between Slaughter and Harry which I totally didn’t expect.  Slaughter get’s 3.5 bullets to a bad guy’s brain out of 5.

Raz: Overall this movie was pretty good.  The acting was dry at times and the fight scenes were hard to follow at times but aside from that I liked the movie.  Slaughter is one bad ass that I would not want to mess with.  I give Slaughter 3 crappy confessions out of 5.


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