A boy’s summer camp with a girl’s summer camp across the lake.  A camp owner that hates kids and won the camp in a card game.  A rich guy that lives near the camp that wants to buy it for his corporation.  A young group of kids that want to get laid at camp this summer.  A coming of age story and a hot older chick.  You’ve seen the movie before, and this time it’s called Oddballs.

From the opening scene, this movie tries to be a comedy – if you couldn’t tell, they were sure to include as many sound effects to emphasize the funny parts as possible.  It’s like you’re listening to your WaCkY morning radio show, and ha haaaaa, those guys sure are funny.  You know what else is pretty hilarious?  Taking a couple of 12 year olds to a singles bar, and having no problem getting them in, simply by drawing fake mustaches and beards on them with a marker.

The acting is horrible, the sound effects make me want to stab the cast in their faces with a screwdriver, and the horrible spoofs on movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. are garbage.  You’d be better off performing your own vasectomy with wire cutters, and it would probably be a lot less painless.  It shouldn’t surprise you that 99% of the cast didn’t do another movie after this one.  They were probably blacklisted after finishing this abortion.  I could could have spent my time watching something decent, and that’s the worst part of this whole thing.  Oddballs is worth 1 steamy shit out of 5.

3 thoughts on “Oddballs”

  1. Hi there, yeah I remember this one, been tryin to find it for ages, the title was changed for it’s UK release to ‘All Shook Up’ – never quite got that reference, Oddballs was definately more appropriate!

    Totally agree with the whole sound effect thing, but you know there’s just somethin about this movie for me – it was one of those ‘so bad, it’s good’ movies (don’t shoot me!)

    The one thing tho that I’ve been tryin to get to the bottom of is this – wasn’t Corey Haim in that movie??? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of but can find no reference of this, but I have this really strong memory of first discovering my love of the young Corey (I was about 10!) in this movie – please help! xx

  2. Hi Rochelle,

    Corey Haim isn’t in this movie, but there’s a punk character, which I believe is named Spiz that kinda sorta resembles him a little bit. The Spiz character doesn’t have many lines if I remember correctly, and seems like a character that they were going to flesh out a little bit, but it never really comes to pass.

    Corey Haim has been in some great movies (we plan on doing a whole Haim/Feldmanathon some time in the future), but unfortunately Oddballs isn’t one of them.

    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the movie though, we’re always looking for other opinions on these movies and I’m glad you shared yours with us – even if I don’t agree with it ;).

    Thanks for stopping by!

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