Surf Nazis Must Die

surf-nazis-must-dieAfter the great quake, the California beaches are a crazy place.  Gangs are scrambling to draw up territorial lines for new turf.  The Surf Nazis are the toughest of the gangs, and they’re snatching purses from old ladies, and beating up random dudes who try to stop those petty crimes. At one point they try to unite the gangs “Warriors” style, but they can’t reach an agreement, so it’s back to terrorizing the beaches along with it’s tourists.  This time however, they beat up and killed the wrong dude, and now they have Eleanor Washington to deal with, and those Surf Nazis Must Die!

Eleanor’s son was trying to break up one of the Surf Nazis stealing an old woman’s bag, but he ended up in a body bag.  Eleanore takes to the nearest pawn shop to buy some of the cheapest guns and grenades you’ll find in a pawn shop so that she can take care of business against the Surf Nazis.  The Surf Nazi’s consist of a few members named after some real Nazi’s, including the leader “Adolf”, the Scientist “Mengele” and Adolf’s girlfriend “Eva”.  The rest of the gang are made up of Hook, who has a hook for a hand (how original), Brutus the burly surfer dude and a little blonde kid called Smeg.  The gang also has a lot of young initiates but they’re only around to do the petty crimes, and they don’t actually surf.

surf-nazis-must-die-1Sean: A movie called “Surf Nazis Must Die” from Troma was giving me some high hopes, but once I sat down to watch it, it left me pretty bored.  I thought it was going to take a pretty cool turn with the gangs all dressed with their own personalities, it reminded me a little of “The Warriors”, but that idea was given up pretty quickly and got boring again really quick.  I do have to give some props though for having an old black woman be he hero of a story like this, though.

Monkeyface: Some reason I knew once the movie started that the old black woman was going to kick some ass in the end and she didn’t disappoint!  But Sean is right, the rest of the movie did fall flat.  The story was interesting, but it just wasn’t pulled off in typical Troma fashion.  Gangs like the “Pipeliners” and “Samurai Surf” just don’t instill any type of fear not to mention all they did was surf.  When the toughest people in the movie are Eleanor and some guy with a hook hand you should go back to the drawing board.

Sean: I really thought this could have been a cool movie if it would have taken a different direction.  They could have expanded on the idea of how devastating this whole earthquake was.  I mean seriously, if there’s this huge devastating earthquake (that’s barely mentioned in the intro during some radio announcements) are there really gonna be old lady tourists hanging out on the beaches catching some rays?  I could see these homeless surfer gangs bumming out on the beaches, but tourists?  The writers should have just changed the setting to post-apocalyptic.  They were almost there but it seemed like they got lazy instead of going all the way with it.  I was glad that it was only an hour and 23 minutes long. I give Surf Nazi’s Must Die 1.5 pawn shop grenades out of 5.

surf-nazis-must-die-8Monkeyface: High hopes were quickly dashed in this movie and if it wasn’t for some humorous parts with Eleanor and her kicking some ass in the end I would have given this movie one of the worst scores in IB history.  A little piece of interesting trivia I learned from the pawn shop owner is that a P38 will blow a man’s torso completely off!  Yet it is small enough to fit into a woman’s pocketbook and provides no kickback when fired by a 60 year old woman.  I didn’t know WWII weaponry was so devastating!  With that said I give this movie 1.5 old black women on motorcycles out of 5.

Surf Nazis Must Die is available on VHS and DVD from if you’re into the whole masochism thing.

Just watch this trailer and save yourself the heartache of enduring the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “Surf Nazis Must Die”

  1. I too have been wanting to see this movie, due mostly of course, to it being a Troma film, but now I must say, my thoughts they are a changing. I’m thinking I’ll just watch “Class of Nuke Em High” again instead….. now that’s a Troma film that rocks! (am I showing my age yet??)

  2. You reviewers have missed the point: Boobs, knives, Nazis, skaters, samurais…this movie has provided years of quotations and fond memories! My brother and I watched it 500 times just because it so so funny. The (over)acting is part of its charm. I love this movie. I loved it as a 15 year old and I love it as a 36 year old!!

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