The Aftermath

the-aftermathThree Astronauts return from space to find that the life they left behind doesn’t exist anymore.  When only two survive the emergency landing on the coastline “near Los Angeles”, they discover that the world is an extremely different place then the one they left.  Roving gangs are killing men, and taking women and children as hostages.  The city itself is a burnt out husk of what it once was, and the two spacemen – Newman and Matthews – have to make their place in the world.

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ghouliesA word of advice to all you young party goers, if a friend of yours suggests you all take part in a satanic ritual, you should consider getting new friends.  I think another warning sign is if they invite you over to their house in the middle of the night for dinner and insist that you wear sunglasses for the duration of meal, your spider sense should be tingling.  In other words, get the hell out of there, pronto.  Peter, the “friend” mentioned above, and his girlfriend Rebecca move into an old mansion that contain some dangerous secrets, and Peter quickly comes under the evil influence of the house itself in 1985’s Ghoulies.

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Witch Bitch (aka Death Spa)

witch-bitchAs I get older, I realize the importance of getting healthy and keeping in shape.  When looking for a gym or health spa, you want to look for the quality of the staff, equipment, and the extra services that they provide.  The last thing you’ll probably think to check out is to see if the place is haunted.  That’s the problem that they’re having at the Starbody Health Spa.  People are getting hurt and it’s either ghosts that are hurting the patrons, or the high tech computer system that controls everything is becoming self aware and taking out all the paying customers.  Or… They may just be dealing with a Witch Bitch.

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The Town that Dreaded Sundown

the-town-that-dreaded-sundownSerial killers are something I’ve always been fascinated and frightened by.  I remember hearing about the nightstalker killings in California when I was younger, and even though I lived in Michigan, it seemed like it was possible for Richard Ramirez to make his way to my neighborhood somehow and take out me and my family.  In 1946, the town of Texarkana, Arkansas was under that same type of terror from a serial killer known as “The Phantom Killer“, and 1976 flick “The Town that Dreaded Sundown” is the retelling of that story.

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