Trailer Tuesdays: Nightmare City

For this week’s Trailer Tuesdays, we have the Trailer for the 1980 Umberto Lenzi film “Nightmare City”.

This is an UNCUT trailer for Nightmare City and may be NSFW

Nightmare City is an action/horror movie about scabby faced radioactive zombies who emerge from a plane using guns, knives and anything else you can use as a weapon in order to take over the city.  The government withholds information from the public so that they might possibly be able to use these zombies as soldiers in their army.  Reporter Dean Miller is trying to get his wife to safety, while government officials are trying to recover their own families and get them into secret bunkers so they can be kept away from these killing machines before it’s too late.

Nightmare City or “Incubo sulla città contaminata” as it’s known in Italy, was only the 3rd movie that we reviewed and you can check it out here

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