Trailer Tuesdays: Halloween III

For this week’s Trailer Tuesday, we bring you a very rare trailer for Halloween III:


While I’d normally analyze our Tuesday Trailer, I think this one is pretty self explanatory.  An evil corporation is going to play a trick on everyone by doing something to the children of American, all on Halloween night.  Rather than wax philosophical about the Silver Shamrock, I’d rather bring you a fan made trailer that’s a very close recreation of that original trailer.  Enjoy, this updated trailer, and look forward to a review of Halloween III soon on


Curse II: The Bite

Curse 2 The Bite

While it’s not common for a sequel to have no connection to the previous movie, it is something that happens from time to time.  I think the biggest example of this that I can think of is Halloween 3: Night of the Witch.  Halloween 3 didn’t even have a sinew of muscle that kept it in the same universe as the other movies in the Halloween franchise – it didn’t have the one character that tied all of those movies together – Michael Myers.  Curse II: The Bite isn’t as big of an offender as the aforementioned Halloween 3, but it doesn’t have any connection to the original Curse.  It doesn’t have any meteors, it doesn’t have any goopy vegetables, and it’s worst offense… It doesn’t have Wil Wheaton.  What it does share, however, is a man that gets bitten by a snake and starts to transform, just like the people who ate the goopy vegetables in the original Curse.  But, before I get a little ahead of myself, let me tell you a little about the story of Curse II: The Bite.

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Trailer Tuesdays: American Ninja

For this week’s Trailer Tuesday, we bring you the trailer for the awesome 80’s ninja movie – AMERICAN NINJA!


The ninja was the superhero of the 80’s.  A ninja is like Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wolverine and Spiderman all in one, and I’m sure that one ninja alone could probably whip all of those hero’s asses at once with one arm tied behind it’s back.  While we’ve only reviewed the first American Ninja, I have several and I’m just waiting for the right time to give them a review.  In the meantime if you’re curious about Michael Dudikoff and American Ninja check out our review here!

The Prowler

The Prowler

In 1945, a returning WWII vet gets a “Dear John” letter from his girlfriend telling him that she just can’t wait any longer for him to come home.  Instead of doing what any sane person would do – namely moving on with your life and forgetting about such a hurtful bitch – he stalks her and her new man at a graduation dance.  When they decide that the dance is too dead for their tastes, they slip out and go visit a lover’s point to get a little action on.  While the couple is starting to get hot and heavy, the vet makes his move and impales them on the business end of his pitchfork, leaving a single rose in the hand of his ex.  The crime is never solved, and no graduation dances were ever held on the same location again… Not until 1980, that is, when it’s time for a new graduation dance.

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