Trailer Tuesdays: Mutant Hunt

We dig deep in the our Sci-Fi vault to bring you this week’s Trailer Tuesday… 1987’s Mutant Hunt


So after some in-depth analysis, what can we say about this week’s trailer?

  1. Robots and Cyborgs are interchangeable terms, and in this case they aren’t programmed to be violent or attack people
  2. Somebody is feeding these cyborgs some drugs that are mutating them into ruthless killers of mostly scantily clad women.
  3. Matt Riker is a mercenary that’s gonna stop these crazy robot/zombies from breaking apart cheap shelves and surgical tubing.  Oh, and stop them from killing people too, or something.

Also, an interesting tidbit about the director, Tim Kincaid: He’s also a very accomplished gay erotica movie writer and director!  But besides that, the films he’s made that are not adult in nature are fine z-grade trash in their own right.  I have a feeling we’ll be going to the Tim Kincaid well frequently in the future…

As always, keep your eyes peeled on InternalBleeding for an upcoming review of Mutant Hunt!

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