DeadgirlOver the last 2 years at Internal Bleeding we have tackled a lot of strange movies, both with sick and twisted stories, and those with questionable moral values… or at least we thought!  Deadgirl makes those movies look like the Disney Sunday Movie in comparison.  To give away the plot of the story in the opening paragraph not only ruins the dark and disturbing premise of the film but also tests the moral fiber of this website for describing something that not everyone in this world is prepared to read.  I’m sure you think that we are just over-reacting and hyping up the storyline too much, but trust us, it’s not for the faint of heart!

Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez) and J.T. (Noah Segan) are high school friends, and they don’t fit in with the norm.  They’re considered the slacker/stoners of the school and have few friends outside of each other.  Rickie used to be good friends with JoAnn, but since they’ve been in high school she either pretends like she doesn’t know him or ignores him totally.  Rickie has never gotten over her, and pines after her constantly.  J.T. being the good friend that he is wants to try to get Rickie to get over her, and suggests that they skip class and check out the old condemned mental institution and have some warm brews on a hot afternoon.

Deadgirl (3)While in the institution, they get their drink on, and trash some of the rooms.  They venture down into the basement where they have to run from a guard dog of some sort, and they stumble upon a room that’s being blocked by a rusted old door.  After a little persuasion, they’re able to get the door open and they find a nude girl on an old mattress covered with a plastic sheet.  They figure out that this girl is somehow alive, but not able to communicate other than opening her eyes and growling at them.

Rickie is creeped out by the situation, but J.T. is turned on, and he wants to stay and have a little fun with this nude girl.  Rickie leaves J.T. alone with the girl, but returns later on to find that J.T. has had sex with the girl and he claims that he tried to kill her to shut her up. He broke her neck, strangled her, and even shot her 3 times, but she just wouldn’t die! From that moment, they know that they can’t go to the police and claim ignorance of the situation so they decide to keep it a secret between themselves.  J.T. unfortunately can’t keep his mouth shut, and ends up bringing another friend into the fold.  The basement of the old, dark, damp and dingy mental institution becomes their own tree house of horrors.  What happens next will test their friendship, and the sanity of all of the people involved!

Monkeyface: The brilliance of this movie is that it centers around the madness of SOME humans and just how disgusting and twisted people can be.  I’m sure everyone faced some sort of hazing or mistreatment during high school that made you question why you even show up sometimes.  But you always had that friend to fall back on when all else failed.  Well what if the your experience at school got so bad that you just hated life? What if your best friend had lost all moral values and sense of right and wrong? Could you bring yourself to do the things these kids did? Would the memories of lost love be enough to keep you balanced in reality?

Deadgirl (2)Sean: Why is it that every time people talk about high school, everyone always talks about how awful of a time they had?  Obviously the popular kids were having a good time drinking and partying and possibly getting laid, right?  They probably weren’t the ones sneaking drinks from mom and dad’s liquor cabinets in the middle of the day, or checking out the local closed down mental institution getting wasted on warm beers on a hot school day.  They probably aren’t the kids daydreaming about the girl that either got away or the one they never had.  Rickie and J.T. are those kids, and J.T. thinks it’s his lucky day when he comes across the deadgirl, while Rickie just wants to get out of there and pretend like it never happened, and that’s where the first little crack in their relationship forms.

Monkeyface: The part of the story which I think might be missed on a lot of people is the actual state of this girl.  Sure she is dead, or undead, or however you view zombies.  But really all that is left is a body and desire… desire to kill and eat anything that gets in her way! That is the unending quality of every zombie in every zombie movie and that is certainly not lost here.  You can’t reason with them, you can’t be compassionate for their situation, it just doesn’t matter they will kill you when they have the chance. But in this movie you almost find yourself rooting for the zombie and hoping their is some way to save her; which is what happens to Rickie. Deadgirl becomes a girl in need of help.

Sean: Rickie is definitely the more identifiable character in this movie.  J.T. is that kid that you knew back when you were young that you always suspected he just wasn’t all there.  He’s the one that was getting into trouble or the one that when you saw him coming, you’d cross the street just to avoid, but he’d follow you anyhow.  The deadgirl was a piece of meat to J.T., she was just a hole to get off to for him, and even after the abuse that he put her through, he’d just come up with another hole to enjoy.

Deadgirl (11)Monkeyface: When I read the synopsis for this movie I questioned whether I wanted to watch it or not. Besides the fact that teenage boys are raping a dead zombie girl I just assumed it would be filmed terribly and it would be cheesy and tasteless; well tasteless outside of the main plotline. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I think the main appeal of movies is to take us to a world where we’ve never been and sometimes can never go. They make us question the things that happen around us and force you to ask what you would do given a certain situation. This movie speaks to the most evil, disturbed, selfish, and scary parts of our minds and souls. And that is something that most movies these days do not do. While the storyline might be too much for some people to stomach, Deadgirl really is a terrific film which takes the zombie genre in a completely new direction. It’s a horror movie for sure, but it’s so much more than that at the same time. I really hope those with an open mind get a chance to see it.  I give Deadgirl 4.5 exploding intestines out of 5!

Sean: I thought that you and I would have some pretty differing opinions of this film when it was all said and done, and I’m surprised that we agree on it.  While on the surface this is an extremely disturbing movie about a zombie girl who is used as a sex slave, when you dig a little deeper you find that while it’s still deeply disturbing, there’s a lot more too it than just “boy meets zombie, boy turns zombie into sex slave”.  There are a lot more layers to it than just that – including the strains put on a relationship, the ability to trust your friends,  the morality of the actions being taken, and the objectification of women throughout the movie. If you can get past the gore and the subject matter, Deadgirl is definitely worth the time you’ll spend watching and thinking about it after it’s over.  While I wasn’t surprised by the ending, I thought otherwise the movie was very though provoking.   It’s well acted all around, and Jenny Spain does a great job despite not having any lines throughout the entire movie.  My rating is 4.5 failed kidnappings out of 5.

4 thoughts on “Deadgirl”

  1. It’s really a great movie. I was surprised we both liked it as much as we did. I mean I really liked it, but I wasn’t sure if Monkey would like it as much… well you know what I mean.

    Also, keep an eye open, we’ve been thinking about having a giveaway for the DVD.

  2. OMG I love you guys (and gals!) I can ALWAYS count on you to hook me with up with a doozy and I am so PUMPED to see this one! I just hope I can find a download of it on the web cuz we know NetFlix sucks too much to have it in their arsenal…….

    I think – no wait… I AM – drooling….

  3. @jennyspain (twitter) is an amazing actress in Deadgirl and her career is destined to go far..definately someone to watch

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