Silent Scream aka The Retreat


Living in Michigan all my life I’m extremely familiar with cold winters, tons of snow, and forests that go for what seems like hundreds of miles.  It is just something you have to get used to while living here, and for the most part it can be very beautiful.  I’m also a big fan of camping whether it be in a tent, trailer, or a cabin in what Michiganders call “Up North”, which basically means anywhere further North than you live. (clever huh?!?)  The ironic part about “Up North” is you do it to get away, be by yourself, or hang with some close friends and drink.  The more secluded the better. Unfortunately seclusion can also be your worst enemy, especially when a killer finds your cabin and starts offing you and your friends!

Silent-Scream-2Professor Barren has been doing some research with some of his students this semester that he thinks will revolutionize the future hypnotherapy.  It’s been a hard few months and as a reward he has given the students helping him the keys to his cabin Up North so they can hang out for the weekend.  All 10 or so of the students know each other pretty well, especially Mark and Nicole who recently just broke up.  But lost love doesn’t stop Mark from having a good time. He finds the next 2 closest hotties in the group and leaves early with them and a few others to get the party started. In order to get to the cabin they must take a ferry to an island. It’s pretty isolated and the only thing around them is snow, trees and a few weird locals… oh yeah, and snow!  After their arrival it doesn’t take long before the kids get a little freaky with each other.  But in a remote area such as this there is another kind of freaky that they just weren’t expecting! Before you know it they’re dying off left and right… 1 guy takes an axe to the back, and his buddy sitting next to him eats a face full of fire. Amy (who we’ll discuss later) gets both legs stuck in separate rabbit snares and is ripped apart. After the first night it looks like only Mark is left alive because he got drunk and passed out after the 2 chicks he was with wouldn’t put out.

The next day Nicole, her BFF Chloe, and a couple other students make their trek to the cabin. When they arrive they find everyone suspiciously absent, except for Mark who was fixing the snowmobile and was completely oblivious that no one came back last night. There is definitely some tension between Mark and Nicole, and even Chloe for that matter who voices her dislike for Mark multiple times.  Nicole looks around for clues and finds a ton of blood by the campfire and what looks like a frozen nipple.  She also finds Steve who is the only person who actually knows what’s going on and has seen the killer.  Without a working phone and no one to help them, they start looking for other friends who might be alive, but quickly realize all hope is lost and the killer has plans to finish off the rest of them!

Silent-Scream-1There isn’t a whole lot to the story, but there is a different kind of twist at the end that I didn’t quite see coming.  The nice thing was people died off quick, violently, sometimes nude and there wasn’t really a lot of unnecessary character buildup.  You get enough back story on Mark and Nicole to realize that they aren’t quite over each other.  The rest of the students are pretty much filler.  Ironcially the person I wanted to see in the movie was the first 1 to die, Amy, played by Carey Shawn aka Carey Torrice.  I heard about her and this movie when she ran for city commissioner in an area close to my hometown.  The stuck up people in her city were pissed that a sexy movie star/model was running for office and it got a ton of publicity.  I’d hardly call her a movie star or even an actress, but the main characters were actually pretty good and believable.  While the story doesn’t stand out it takes a different twist on the ‘lost in the woods’ plot that seems to be popular in movies right now.  It was shot very well and I could definitely see some of the people from this movie going on to bigger things down the road. Check this 1 out on that day you get a foot of snow and the city shuts down.  I give Silent Scream 3 drowned dead guys in the bathtub staring at you while you try to drop a deuce out of 5.

Silent Scream is available on DVD at Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Silent Scream aka The Retreat”

  1. I was wondering, was there ever a Silent Scream 2-3….?

    By the way the fist one ended, I would think there would be. Being that she knows who killed them, and why, it should be better to protect some of them…right?

    Well, you would think so anyway.


  2. To my knowledge there was never a sequel. While it would make sense and fit the story line, low budget movies like this are usually one and done in this day and age. In fact outside of one of the directors/writers most of the people from this film haven’t really done much with their careers. I think for the most part this film was seen as a failure, but there are some redeeming qualities.

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