Attack of the Slime People

Attack of the Slime People follows 50’s film director Buddy Flavenoid (Robert Tiffi who was also a writer on the film), who was working as a bathroom attendant. Buddy has a little bit of a screw loose and just got out of prison for murdering an old star of one of his movies that didn’t share Buddy’s vision. Now he is trying to get back into the making horror films after he was approached by someone interested in one of his scripts…

Trying to actually write and condense what this movie is about seems to be an utter waste of time. The fact that we’ve struggled with writing this for two weeks should tell us that we just shouldn’t.  There really isn’t a lot to say about this movie that can’t be summed up in a few words… EPIC FAIL! We’ve reviewed quite a few independent films at IB, even ones like this one that we got from the writer, director or producer. It would be against all of our movie reviewing integrity to give this film a good review just based on someone giving us the opportunity to review it. The basic premise goes something like this: Everyone in Buddy’s movies wants it to be changed to include them, and everyone not in Buddy’s movies wants to be in them, so Buddy goes around killing all the people that piss him off and annoying the hell out of everyone involved, including the audience!

If there is one good thing we can say about the movie is that the 50’s vibe is captured excellently in this film, including the music and especially in the cars that the characters drive and others seen around town.  While it helps set a great backdrop for the film, it can’t save the movie by itself.   The characters are some of the most annoying we’ve ever seen.  From the sniveling Sydney Point, the horrible Elvis impersonator Tad Bentley, and especially Buddy Flavenoid himself.  Buddy’s hand movements like he’s viewing every face and scene through a camera lens at first are somewhat amusing, reminding me of a stereotypical movie director.  But after an hour of seeing that, on top constant grunting, it was getting to the point where we wanted to turn it off.  At the start of the film we were hoping for a fun, spoofy movie.   That fun, spoofy feeling wore off quick as the same gags were used over and over again.  On top off all of that, the whole pseudo Nazi character was just an insult to the viewer’s intelligence.  While it’s played for laughs but it didn’t get any out of us.  If this movie wasn’t something we were reviewing for the site it would have probably been have turned it off well before the end.  To say we were honestly hoping something catastrophic would happen to take out the entire cast of characters isn’t far from reality. A massive bomb to the whole set might have made for at least 30 seconds of enjoyment as the cast and crew run around on fire! It took two of us to write this review, and we’re really trying not to be overly negative, but what else can we say, Attack of the Slime People gets an all time Internal Bleeding low – 0.5 quality Buddy Flavenoid minutes out of 5!

3 thoughts on “Attack of the Slime People”

  1. Wow…what orb do you nitwits orbit. You wouldn’t know something original if it hit you in the groin with a trebuchet launched boulder. What blows my mind is that it actually took you two dim bulbs two weeks to come up with a brainless review that is both unoriginal and uninsightful without a shred of clarity or critical artistic insight. I suggest you go back to school and earn a passing grade in art 101. This film won first place for best comedy feature (RuffCutz Film Festival, Boston University) among other awards.


  2. Hey Dan,

    We appreciate you leaving your opinion, since that is what we did on our review. I’m sure there are lots of art/film students out there who think this movie is “the bees knees” but unfortunately we did not. We like to look at things more for their entertainment value than what wins awards in film festivals most of the world has never heard of. I highly doubt you or anyone out there is in total agreement with “The Academy” every year when they announce their winners. But like I said, everyone has an opinion and has a right to be heard. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Dear Monkeyface,

    After reading Dan’s comment I can come to only one of two conclusions; he knows someone who worked on the movie, or he is in fact Buddy Flavenoid! I agree with Dan that this movie had a lot of artistic insight, if you enjoy watching apes throw their own feces! The rest of his comment is an insult to the intelligence of every man on the planet…what a retard…more likely a congenital idiot. This movie was navel lint, a wart on the butthole of society! Thank you for telling it like you see it!

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