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I’ve been seeing the trailer for Black Dynamite for what seems like decades.  But maybe it’s just that it’s based in the 70’s and the trailer has actually been showing on the Internet for almost 2 years. Ever since we saw it me and my buddies were hooked! I was a huge fan of Grindhouse and this was another one of those type movies, a period piece so to speak that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Michael Jai White plays the title character and reminds me of Jim Kelly in Black Belt Jones.  In fact if you are a fan of that movie or other Blaxploitation movies like it you don’t even need to read this review, just go see this flick, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Black Dynamite 5One of the ghetto’s most prominent dealers has been killed in cold blood! Why? Because he was outed as a snitch to the man! But these gangsters killed the wrong brutha, because it was Black Dynamite’s brother! And the streets are about to run red with the blood of anyone involved in the murder. BD begins to interegate every pimp, punk, and prostitute he knows in order to find his brother’s killer. He starts with the half-a-thug named Cream Corn (played by Tommy Davidson). But CC sends BD to meet a few of his buddies meant take care of his pimp game once and for all! It’s a good thing BD got his training through the CIA and perfected his skills killing Chinamen in Vietnam (wait what?) because he runs into quite a few thugs, but he makes quick work of them and I don’t think he even takes a punch.

In his journey BD meets a few militants and puts together a kick-ass crew to help him find his brother’s killer. But he soon realizes there is a bigger picture here and the gangsters he’s looking for have a plan to take down ever black man in American and beyond! After some brilliant detective work and a lot of ass kicking BD and his boys finally stumble upon the men behind the men. I won’t give it away, but let’s just say it extends from his friends in the CIA to some ninjas to current president Richard Nixon! (ok I gave it away; sorry!)

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The only disappointing part about this movie is that it didn’t make it to a nationwide release. It only showed in a few theaters around the country which is a shame. My only guess is that the lack of Hollywood A List star power coupled with the theater failure of movies like Grindhouse make executives cringe at releasing it.  But thanks to the wonderful world of DVD and Blu-ray you can own it in February 2010… and you should! This movie is a spectacular mix of just about everything you can ask for.  The comedy is underlying but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hit the mark dead on. It is cheesy to be cheesy, and there are a few gaffs put in there on purpose. The story will have you scratching your head up right up until the 5 minute scene where the characters twist and turn theories in an effort to make some sense of who is corrupting the streets.  At that point you just throw up your hands and laugh; but immediately after you cringe when the true plot is revealed! As for the action, I don’t even think I can sum it up better than to say Black Dynamite just wrecks shit! Everyone he comes in contact with either goes home in a body-bag or at least with a case of sore nuts.

Black Dynamite puts people thru walls, and kicks guys in the balls… He leaves his enemies needing stitches, but still saves energy for his bitches! He is one bad MUTHA, and he does it all for the love of his BRUTHA! I give Black Dynamite 5 Roscoe’s chili and donuts out of 5!

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