Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann

I’m a veteran of bad movies. While a lot of these movies are things I’ve had to search out and find on my own as an adult, there are some that I actually went and saw as a kid in the theater. I saw Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann when I was 5 years old… Talk about scarring a kid for life.

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Trailer Tuesday: Mandroid

For today’s Trailer Tuesday, we’re gonna take a look at the 1993 flick Mandroid


A scientist creates a robot that can be controlled by humans using a special suit.  The scientist offers the suit up to the CIA, but before he’s able to hand it over, his partner gets other ideas.

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Street Fighter: The Movie

Back in 1991, the arcade game Street Fighter II was probably the biggest thing going in video games.  I remember taking $5 every couple days up to my local arcade “The Red Baron” and pounding every single quarter into that machine, trying to figure out and master the special moves for each character.  The one character that really drew my attention was Guile, the American Special Ops soldier who had a mean blonde flattop haircut (I had a flattop too, so I thought this was super rad).  I’m sure my daily $5 addiction helped fuel the millions upon millions of dollars that both the arcade games and each iteration of the console version of the game put on Capcom’s (the company that made SFII) bottom line.  And in 1994, it eventually convinced them that their game was popular enough cross over from nerdy obsession (like mine), to big budget Hollywood live action movie called Street Fighter.  Unfortunately, they probably made arguably one of the worst movies based on a video game that the world would ever see.

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Trailer Tuesday: Street Fighter: The Movie

Not to be confused with Sonny Chiba’s “The Street Fighter”, Street Fighter: The Movie is a 1994 film starring Jean Claude Van Damme based on the classic fighting game “Street Fighter II”.  What Street Fighter II lacks in the way of story, Street Fighter: The Movie makes up in ridiculousness.  Check it out:


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