Black Devil Doll from Hell

God is a powerful force.  He can lead people into battle, heal the sick and save the dying.  He can be your salvation, your witness, and your co-pilot.  For Helen Black, God is the force that keeps her strong, and makes sure that she keeps her legs closed.  Little did she know that one fateful day, a trip to a local gift and trinket shop would change her life and entire philosophy on keeping those legs closed.  Please read on to experience the pleasure of Black Devil Doll from Hell, and the genius that is Chester Novell Turner.

As mentioned above, Helen Black is a good God fearing christian.  She has scripture quoted around her house, and even shows off her copy of “The Little Bible” on her coffee table.  She has as strong a resolve as humanly possible.  While her friend tries to set her up to get her laid, she insists that she will wait until she’s married and finds a man who will love her for her mind as well as her body.  Little does she know, that will all change when she makes a trip to the “Road’s End” gift shop.

At the gift shop, in the corner of the room she finds a little ventriloquist dummy that grabs her attention.  The storekeeper notices and tells her that particular dummy has had four owners, and each time someone buys the dummy, it somehow ends up back at her shop.  It’s believed that the dummy has the power to grant it’s owner it’s deepest desires, and after some thought, Helen buys the dummy and brings it home.  Once she has it home, she sets it down on the toilet (I know that’s where I set all my new purchases) and promptly gets undressed and takes a shower.  While showering, the dummy opens it’s eyes and through some kind of psychic power it opens the shower curtain without moving at all, and reveals Helen in the shower fondling herself.  She suddenly startles and asks herself “What am I doing!?” and closes the shower curtain without a second thought.

When she sleeps, Helen has visions of the dummy knocking her out and dragging her on the floor.  She wakes up suddenly and again is startled to see that the doll is on her dresser.  She decides to put the dummy in it’s box in the front closet, and takes another shower.  While showering the dummy escapes from it’s box in the closet, waits for her to get out of the shower, then ambushes her, jumps on her back and knocks he out.  He drags her into the bedroom, ties her up and gives her the greatest sexual pleasure any person on this world or others has ever seen.  Then, just as quickly as he arrived, he disappears.  This has changed Helen  into a sexual being, and now fills her days trying to find a man who can please her in the way that the dummy was able to that one fateful night.

The last time I was graced by Chester Novell Turner it was while watching his second shot on video film “Tales from the Quadead Zone“.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the story, but the sad acting and special effects done solely through the viewfinder of a camcorder impressed me.  Unfortunately, it was a snore fest.  Black Devil Doll from Hell, on the other hand, is a masterpiece of crap and depravity – taking the craft of bad movie making beyond the depths of which I have seen in a long time.

The acting is still just plain awful, so that didn’t chage.  All of the music in this film is the best that a 1982 Casio keyboard can buy.  It’s so great in fact that at times it’s so loud it drowns out the actual talking.  The beats are so fresh!  Hit “bossa nova” on the drum pad from your childhood keyboard and you have the soundtrack for this movie.  The special effects… superb!  Anytime the dummy comes alive, and is shown walking from behind, or using it’s arms and hands, it’s actually a little person or a child acting as it’s body double.  When Helen is knocked out by the dummy, the slow motion montage that follows makes you feel as if the film somehow slipped you a hit of LSD directly into your eyeballs.

Black Devil Doll from Hell (not to be confused by the 2007 film “Black Devil Doll”) is really Chester Novell Turner’s masterpiece, it’s too bad that he couldn’t follow up with something better than Tales from the Quadead Zone.  Seeing that discouraged me from watching BDDFH for a long time, but I’m glad I finally got up the gumption to watch it. It’s short, so that is definitely a selling point.  If it was longer it would have received a lot less praise than I’ve already given it, but it’s runtime helps make this something you can consume in a bite, rather than an entire meal.  To quote Helen, “Who knew wood could feel so good!?”

Black Devil Doll from Hell gets 4.5 “tastes of the foulness of it’s breath”‘s out of 5.


3 thoughts on “Black Devil Doll from Hell”

  1. i thought that the movie black devil doll was original until i read about black devil doll from hell. its just a remake of this one. i should have known-there is a complete LACK of originality in hollywood these days, especially with horror movies. everything is a remake from the 70s/80s golden age of horror. ima fan of campy, trashy b movies and i definently wanna see this one!!!!!!!

  2. Does anyone know where i can see this at?i’ve search the internet but all i get is the remake.So if anyone knows where i can see it for free on the net with no download or survey please email me thank you.P.S. i’ve already seen the remake .

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