Disco Godfather

Rudy Ray Moore is the Tucker Williams, the Disco Godfather – the owner of the very popular Blueberry Hill disco.  He dances a mean game, and spins an even meaner game from the DJ booth.  When his nephew Bucky gets mixed up in some bad business, Tucker takes it upon himself to rid the streets of that bad stuff!

Bucky is a basketball player with high hopes of playing in the playoffs, until he gets all wacked out on THAT STUFF!  He’s been smoking too much, and he’s going crazy on a wack attack! The only thing he’s been getting high on recently is ANGEL DUST!  Lucky for Bucky, ol’ uncle Tucker used to be on the force, so he uses his connections to help rid the streets of that goddamned angel dust!  He’s gotta make sure that those dealers don’t keep killin our babies, and he’s gonna do some work to make sure it gets done.  He’ll have to go through some crooked cops though, and get to the bottom of who’s puttin this stuff on the street!

Rudy Ray Moore is an awesome actor, that goes without saying.  As Tucker Williams, he’s also an extreme martial artist.  I’m pretty positive that Bruce Lee wouldn’t want to meet his mean ass on the streets, because he’d probably walk away with a boot broken off in his ass.  Everybody has to learn not to mess with him, let’s just hope for your sake he doesn’t have to teach you the hard way.  Hell, if I saw him walking down the street in just one of the outfits he wears in this movie, I’d definitely cross to the other side – that’s how badass he is.

Disco Godfather is Moore at his finest, and it’s just over the top enough to make you wonder if it’s supposed to be serious, or just downright hilarious.  It’s definitely hilarious, so they got that part down.  This is really all you could want in a movie – it has action, comedy, drama, and a whole bunch other stuff that you’d probably want.  I have to admit, I had to hold back the tears when Tucker promised Bucky that he’d make whoever wacked him out pay, and I had to keep myself from jumping out of my seat when he did.  Ok, that didn’t really happen, but Disco Godfather is not only quotable, but it’s fun as hell.  It’s been about 10 years since I’ve seen it, and it gets better every time.

Sit down with your friends and give Disco Godfather a watch.  I promise you’ll have a good time, and won’t be able to help yourself but to laugh at a majority of it.  Moore isn’t the best actor, as a matter of fact he’s downright wooden, but the ensemble performances help carry him and the rest of this movie all the until one of the most ridiculous endings is movie history.  You owe it to yourself to watch Disco Godfather at least once in your lifetime.  If the movie isn’t hittin you in the right spot, the music surely will.  Oh, and don’t forget to PUT YO WEIGHT ON IT!  HE’S THE GODFATHER AND HIS NAME IS TUCKER, EVERYBODY KNOWS HE’S A BAD MUTHA….

Disco Godfather get’s 4.5 sherms out of 5.

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